Seriously, this 73-year-old's OOTDs are better than mine

Seriously, this 73-year-old's OOTDs are better than mine

Style veteran

Text: Stephanie Boey

Image: Instagram

Diane Keaton’s outfits on Instagram are just too good

Diane Keaton's real-life quirkiness is often translated on-screen with her larger than life characters that she portrays. Her most memorable role as the title character in Annie Hall—which landed her an Academy Award—had an eclectic sense of style. Who can forget her character's most standout look: a white-button down shirt layered under a black waistcoat with only the top button fastened so that her blue polkadot tie peeked through, paired with straight-cut ecru trousers accessorised with a wide brim hat. One word: Iconic.


And so is Diane Keaton IRL. Her Instagram account is a blessing to us mere mortals, her musings are strange and hilarious, topped off with the fact that she writes them in ALL CAPS. She has close to a million followers to date and shares her OOTDs regularly. In the height of her career, she was known for her carefree spirit and original sense of style...which has not faded. This baby boomer can teach us millennials and Gen Z-ers a thing or two about how to rock a look. Her colour palette is often subdued, opting for fully monochromatic ensembles. But what they lack in colour, they make up for in volume and boldness. It's true what they say, style is eternal.


Below, 10 of the best monochromatic looks from the actress:

Her caption reads, "THIS LOOKS LIKE I’M WEARING A TENT. OR IS IT A CONE?" You decide.


Giving MC Hammer a run for his money with drop crotch pants.

Why wear one hat when you can wear all of them?


Those boots tho


Diane Keaton proves wide-leg jeans will forever be a good idea and look good at any age.


She's game for gingham!


She calls this her "cabbage" skirt.


A more feminine approach with a full skirt cinched with a wide belt


The floor is lava and her footwear is on fire.


This all-white jacket and trousers look from Ralph Lauren is *goals*


Punk rock at 73, yes please.