BURO Reacts: The craziest fashion challenges and trends during lockdown

BURO Reacts: The craziest fashion challenges and trends during lockdown


Text: Joan Kong

Video: Zakwan Taufiq
Image: Sarah Tai

Watch what Team BURO thinks of these buzzing Instagram challenges

It’s been a couple of months since we've exited lockdown, and while there’s no denying that being homebound for two and half months wasn't an easy transition, one of the best things that happened during that period, was the emergence of social media challenges that kept boredom at bay and helped reignite our creativite spark. Below, three members from Team BURO covered some of the most talked-about fashion challenges during the MCO period—which is your favourite?

The Pillow Challenge

Started by Swedish influencers @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion, the Pillow Challenge was definitely one of the most popular ones on Instagram, and it’s not hard to understand why. All you need to do is to place a pillow in front of your body, cinch it with a belt, and pose! Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway were some of the A-listers who also joined in on the fun.

The Blanket Challenge

Like its pillow counterpart, all you need for the Blanket Challenge is your duvet and a belt, though some have one-upped their game with Hermès blankets. We’re lovin’ how glam they all look, that’s for sure.

The Met Gala Challenge

The challenge was kickstarted by Billy Porter after the announcement of the postponement of the Met Gala, and fashion enthusiasts wasted no time in recreating their favourite looks from fashion’s biggest night, and they nailed them down to a T.

The Home Couture Challenge

Led by London-based fashion journalist George Serventi, the challenge called upon fashionistas around the world to DIY their favourite couture ensembles using materials they have at home—and the results are impressive. Check out the looks from Comme Des Garçons, Moschino, Mugler, and more.

The Iris Your Closet Challenge

Iris Apfel may be 98 years old, but she also wasted no time to hop on the trend wagon by launching the #IrisYourCloset Challenge, where she invites fashion fans to emulate her signature more-is-more aesthetic. Minimalists, look away.

The Daytime Nightclub Challenge

This particular challenge may not be as popular as the rest on our list, but it's equally noteworthy as it was created for a good cause. The #DaytimeNightclub Challenge was created by fashion store Fred Segal that donated USD$5 for every post on Instagram. It’s a fun challenge that everyone can participate—what’s not to like?

The Trikini trend

This fashion trend wants you to keep calm and mask on, even when you’re lounging by the poolside or chilling at the beach. Initially created by Italian swimwear brand Elexia Beachwear as a joke, the trikini—a bikini with a matching face mask—became a viral hit and it's now available for sale in-store. The big question is: Would you wear it?