7 Fashion podcasts you should start listening to now

7 Fashion podcasts you should start listening to now

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Text: Nathanael Hsieh

Editor: Joan Kong

Need a break from your true crime podcasts? Here are some of our favourite fashion-themed channels to tune in to on your daily commute

We'll be honest—when it comes to podcasts, true crime will always reign. That being said, there are other categories out there that are worth exploring too. Fashion, for example, is one. While we understand that trends and styles are all about the visuals, there's the history and what goes on behind the scenes too. If you'd like to get the latest fashion news or learn more about the works of the fashion industry from the insiders, we've got you covered with our list of favourite podcasts. Tune in on your daily commute or when you need a pick-me-up at work!


Business of Fashion Podcast


Dubbed the fashion bible, The Business of Fashion podcast is perfect for anyone who'd like to gain a better insight into the industry monthly. Led by its founder and editor-in-chief, Imran Ahmed, he interviews industry experts on topics such as H&M's USD $4.3 Billion inventory problem, the Moncler Genius strategy that's reinventing the brand, and how fashion can help solve plastic pollution.


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Fashion No Filter


Fashion No Filter is helmed by fashion influencers and journalist Camille Charrieère and Monica Ainley, and as the title suggests, it's to discuss all things fashion with zero restraints. The topics they cover include female empowerment, sustainability in fashion, and Instagram's algorithm, and each episode features an industry heavyweight. The format of this podcast is definitely more casual and laidback compared to some of the rest, so if you're looking for something less serious, this is the one to you listen to.

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Fashion Fix


Known for her active role in championing diversity and sustainability in the fashion industry, English model Charli Howard's Fashion Fix podcast discusses how the fashion industry can be "fixed". In the podcast, she talks about the #MeToo movement, garment worker rights, ethical denim, body positivity and more. Her guests—including Hijabi model Mariah Idrissi and labour activist Kalpona Akter—also offer their visions for the future of fashion.

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Oh Boy

The mastermind behind Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, has extended the wittiness from her site to podcasts. All 50 episodes so far feature women from different industries, such as It-girl Alexa Chung, Glossier founder Emily Weiss, author Sally Singer, and even social-political activist Gloria Steinem. These are women who are making impactful waves in the world, but thanks to Medine, their conversations are presented through a comedic lens. Listening to them will, no doubt, leave you feeling inspired after. Our personal favourite? Episode 43 with Miki Agrawal on founding Thinx, a period-proof underwear brand that aims to destigmatise women having periods and reduces the use for tampons or pads.

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The High Low


Launched by Pandora Sykes and writer Dolly Aldeton, The High Low is a reboot of their now-defunct The PanDolly podcast which was also about fashion. The current motto? "Life is best consumed with a mix of the trivial and the political," and we couldn't agree more. Aside from styling tips and one on Instagram removing the "like" counter, they also cover different pop-culture topics including celebrity news and wellness myths.

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The Fashion Hags


What do you get when three ladies—who are obsessed with fashion—get together to talk about the industry? Just listen to fashion design coordinator Abby Shumka, fashion designer Evan Ducharme, and blogger Katie Garnham and you'll find out. The Fashion Hags consists of in-depth conversations about all things fashion, including a recap on the Met Gala, their time at fashion school, the passing of Karl Lagerfeld and more. The funny-meets-informative format definitely makes listening to podcasts so much more personal and interesting.

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Dressed: The History of Fashion


Fashion is more than just stylish outfits—just tune in to Dressed and you'll understand why. The podcast explores the rich and complex history behind the clothes we are wearing and the trends that are hot right now. The episode on how World War II started punk fashion, in particular, is definitely worth listening to.

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