6 Cute beach looks inspired by your favourite local influencers

6 Cute beach looks inspired by your favourite local influencers

Hot girl (or boy) summer!

Text: Pravin Nair

Image: Jane Chuck
Image: Ameera Khan

Overdue for a vacation? Get packing stat with a little inspiration from these style pros

With borders opening up and uncleared off days piling in, you’re surely wanting some reprieve from your daily nine-to-five. So strap on those sandals, get your sunscreen ready, find the biggest hats you can and make sure you’re packing in all of your swimwear options to party away under the sun. If you’re looking to find some style inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a list of several fashion gurus to emulate from their getaways over the last few months. Scroll down below to check out the must-have accessories you need so you, too, can look like your favourite influencers on your vacation!

Jane Chuck

Having recently returned from her trip across Europe, some of Jane’s best looks were while she remained poolside. A purple bikini goes a long way. With its striking colour and emblematic patterns, this shade can help you stand out in a sea of monotonous colours. Consider it reverse-camo. Coming in multiple gradients of purple and in an array of patterns, we’re recommending this bikini from The Attico. Charming its wearer with a halter neck design, this bikini will surely have some heads turned your way in awe.

Channel your inner Jane Chuck and shop the look here.

Ameera Khan

6 Cute beach looks inspired by your favourite local influencers (фото 1)

Known for her put-together looks, Little Miss Khan’s wardrobe is very reminiscent of Gossip Girl’s main anti-hero, Blair Waldorf. And our very own Waldorf is always ready to turn it up—be it at an event or on the sands of a beach resort. Ameera, who vacationed recently, posted an all-white look on her Instagram page, showing us a side of the “clean girl” look that’s cute and more importantly, easy to replicate. Though Ameera remains layered up, she does it so effortlessly in style. Our recommendation in trying to emulate this look? Pair it with the Le Gilet Noué twist cardigan from Jacquemus. Cover yourself up from the sun while you’re lounging away or wear it on after a swim so you don’t get cold— it leaves you looking so chic by the water.

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Elena Laurel

Whether you’re travelling near or far for your much-needed getaway, as long as you’re under the sun, you’ll need a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and complement your look. Pictured here is Elena, owner of Saltyeeth, a tooth tech service specialising in adding jewellery to your teeth for that extra shine and sparkle. Covering her eyes is the epitome of '90s summer sunnies. Big, bold, chunky and absolutely striking, these sunglasses are a replica of the e-girl or 2000s look that everyone wants to channel.

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Jestinna Kuan

Spotted: Jestinna Kuan out and about on a boat with a bag that perfectly captures theessence of a day under the sun. Constructed out of palm leaves, the Loewe basket bag is a must-have tote for hot summer days at the beach, or on a perfect date night under the starry night by a pier.

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Juwei Teoh

Are you really on a holiday if you’re not stunting out in more than one look? Aside from your trusty bikini, we recommend packing a one-piece bathing suit too. Elegant, sexy and absolutely body-affirming, a monokini is the bathing suit you should have when you’re looking to show a little less skin, but wanting to stay sexy and fly by the beach while you tan the day away. Pictured here is Juwei Teoh on her getaway in a Dior one-piece swimsuit, effortlessly splashing away in the water.

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Daiyan Trisha

Ready to finish off your summer look but just need that one final pièce de résistance? The perfect shoe is exactly what you need and we’ve found the right pair so you don’t have to. Wondering what it might be? It’s the See by Chloé Black Carey Sandals, of course! With an easy velcro fastening, a cork midsole and a rubber outsole, your feet will be thanking you, not only for comfort but for such great style too. Finish off your look like Daiyan Trisha here with a cardigan and a tote bag of your choice and officially sip on that much-needed drink by the beach.

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