3 New fashion documentaries to watch (and 3 to look out for)

3 New fashion documentaries to watch (and 3 to look out for)

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From Gianni Versace to Manolo Blahnik, these biopics give us a deeper insight to the personal lives and creative minds of each designer

Zac Posen's House of Z

Distributed by Condé Nast entertainment, Zac Posen has recently released his documentary called House of Z that chronicles his career in fashion—especially the bad times where he had to rebuild his company and reputation. Having been in the industry for over 16 years, he counts A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Amanda Seyfried and Claire Danes as some of his clienteles, and aside from being the designer and creative director of his namesake labels, he is also the creative director of Brooks Brothers, and one of the four judges on Project Runway. You'll be able to rent the show exclusively on Vogue's website.

IMDb rating: 7.8/10


Manolo Blahnik's Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

We could already tell that the documentary will be a fun one to watch from its lighthearted trailer filled with the shoe designer's witty one-liners, but did you know that the movie's title came from an anecdote that the designer shared in the film, whereby his passion for designing shoes was so intense that he used to design shoes for lizards (yes, lizards) as a child. The film was already released last month during New York Fashion Week, but if you can't get enough of the brand (or the designer), he'll be having his Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes exhibition in Madrid next.

IMDb rating: 8/10


Dries Van Noten's Dries

Directed by German documentarian Reiner Holzemer (who is famous for his intimate portrait shots), the film documents a year in the life of Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. It mainly centers around him and his team as they work on four collections that year, from the creation of the pieces to the emblematic fashion shows. The film was shot mainly at the designer's atelier and home, and his beloved dog, Harry will also be making several cameos. For someone like Dries who has been around for 30 years and has carved such a successful career in the industry, he's no doubt one of the most low-key designers around; whether you're a Dries lover or not, the documentary will definitely be an enjoyment to watch. Catch it on iTunes here.

IMDb rating: 7.1/10


Alexander McQueen's McQueen

Not one, but three (exciting) Alexander McQueen-related films are in the works, but McQueen will be the only documentary featuring the late fashion designer. The biopic will be centered around Alexander's mind—both tortured and inspired—translated beautifully into his eponymous label's designs each season. Aside from newly recreated scenes, the film will also be including photographs and audio archives; it'll definitely be an eye-opening understanding towards his story. Filming will be done in London and Paris, and it'll be launched later this year.

Alexander McQueen


Martin Margiela's We Margiela

The Belgian fashion designer got the industry's attention with his cutting-edge designs, but his biopic is definitely one to watch, as he has remained notoriously private since Maison Martin Margiela was founded in 1988 (he quietly left in 2009). For the first time ever, the film will be all about the untold story of the brand's legacy, and it'll also help to shed light on Martin's days with the brand, alongside his equally mysterious business partner, Jenny Meirens. Jenny and the creative team who has been involved in the collections between '90s and '00s will also be giving interviews for the film for the first time. The documentary will have an exclusive premiere on October 22nd, but it'll be released later in the year. Follow the We Margiela Instagram page for more deets.



Gianni Versace's Versace: American Crime Story

Following the success of the first American Crime Story instalment—The People vs. O.J. Simpson, season two will be documenting the death of Gianni Versace, who is the founder of the Versace brand. Played by Edgar Ramirez, the film also stars Penelope Cruz and Ricky Martin, who will be playing Donatella Versace and Gianni's longtime partner, Antonio D'Amico respectively. The 10-episode series will scrutinize the 1997 assassination of the late fashion designer at his Miami Beach mansion by serial killer Andrew Cunanan (played by Darren Criss). Produced by FX Production, the show is scheduled to be released early next year, but there has been tonnes of buzz surrounding the show and its cast already. Have a first look at the characters at their Entertainment Weekly cover shoot below. 



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