Arm candy of the week: The Versus Versace Buckle bag

Buckle up


By Joan Kong

Arm candy of the week: The Versus Versace Buckle bag

Think of Versace and its baroque print and Medusa emblem will come to mind, but those details aside, its founder, Gianni Versace was also known for his use of buckles, and this Versus Versace bag celebrates just that. The statement metal buckle is placed right down the middle of the new carrier, and given a more structured and streamlined update. Available in the form of a top-handle or crossbody bag, the Buckle bag gives off that modern-cool vibe—oh-so-versatile for day and night use. Opt for the top-handle piece if you prefer something roomier; the long strap is perfect for when you’re running errands around town, but once the sun sets, remove the detachable strap and you’re all set for your dinner date. For those who are you looking for something more eye-catching, the studded sling bag is great to add some edge and shine to your overall look. We suggest shortening the strap and sling it across your décolletage for extra style points.


Have a closer look at the Versus Versace buckle bag below:

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