7 Niche bag brands with extraordinary cult followings you should check out

7 Niche bag brands with extraordinary cult followings you should check out


Text: Alyssa Lee

Editor: Joan Kong

No voodoo involved here, just supernatural vitality

If the success of bags like J.W. Anderson's Pierce or the Chloé Nile are anything to go by, it may well be argued that moving forward, standout design is, and will be a strong benchmark to achieve before skyrocketing to fame in the arm-candy-shop. No longer are giant interlocking alphabets nor tessellated insignia the surest marks of a bestseller-to-be.

Perhaps it is this shift of focus from branding to the intent that has paved the way for pieces from lesser-known labels—with inconspicuous logos but a clear design voice—to attain cult status. Or could the reverse be more plausible? After all, it was Mansur Gavriel's 2012 bucket bag revival that marshalled an emergence of these niche accessory brands that have all found their sweet spot between accessibility and luxury. Either way, with their coveted position on the arms of style hunters far and wide, this new breed of It-bags has garnered quite the following—clearly proven by their Instagram popularity.

Ahead, seven names that need a place on your fashion radar:



Established in downtown Los Angeles in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto. The goal: "No nonsense, high style."

Most popular: The Moreau (left) and the Bissett (right)

Our current favourite: The Moon

Shop the brand here.


Cult Gaia

Created by Jasmin Larian in 2012 in Los Angeles with the ideal of creating Objets d'Art that make you look twice.

Most popular: The Ark

Our current favourite: The Astraea

Shop the brand here.


Simon Miller

Founded on the principles of Japanese fabrication and modern American craftsmanship. Creative direction led by Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford.

Most popular: The Bonsai

Our current favourite: The Puffin

Shop the brand here.


Danse Lente

Based in London and founded by London College of Fashion graduate Youngwon Kim. Inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture.

Most popular: The Phoebe (left) and the Johnny (right)

Our current favourite: The Pablo

Shop the brand here.



An Edinburgh based luxury label, launched in 2013. Notable for signature bar closure. Shot to fame after Meghan Markle was spotted carrying its signature design.

Most popular: The Strathberry Tote

Our current favourite: The Lana

Shop the brand here.



The brainchild of Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman. Born in New York, stocked worldwide.

Most popular: The Karl 24

Our current favourite: The Lotus 12

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The Volon

Started by Eujung Jang in a small atelier in Seoul. Name derived from a philosophical phrase by Jean-Jacques Rousseau "le vonlonte de tous", which translates to "the will of all"

Most popular: The Great L. Box

Our current favourite: The Po top handle

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