Channel your inner 70s child with round framed eyewear

Channel your inner 70s child with round framed eyewear

Retro is in

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

You can't fault Harry Potter for being known for his round-rimmed glasses, he probably saw a comeback in the making years ago!

As eyewear trends come and go, we notice that bold round frames are constantly making a comeback for all the right reasons. Hollywood A-listers use them to appear anonymous—although they end up looking more glamorous than intended—and notable fictional characters are prominently known for their round-framed glasses. The iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis' signature look include pairing her oversized shades with silk scarves; John Lennon's 'Windsor' eyeglasses were famous enough to be auctioned off for a whopping £14,400; and Kate Hudson's character Penny Lane channeled her fearlessness through rose-tinted lens in the coming-of-age movie Almost Famous. Current contemporary pairs in the market include retro-inspired designs made from acetate, monochrome, tortoiseshell and titanium. Here are our favourite picks: