Back to work: 12 laptop-friendly bags to consider for 2019


By Stephanie Boey

Back to work: 12 laptop-friendly bags to consider for 2019

Alas, all good things must come to an end—the festive season has reached the final days of its tenure. (It’s another 355 days to Christmas as I write this!). As we start the year and zero the clock to a new quarter, you may be on the hunt for a new trusty work bag to kickstart 2019. When it comes to deciding on a perfect everyday bag, think of function and shape. Both should go hand-in-hand to make your daily routine flow seamlessly. Below, 12 practical bags that you can rely on, handpicked for their ample space (you can easily fit a mini laptop in these babies) and sturdy form to carry you throughout the day. First, decide the silhouette you’re most comfortable with—do you lean more to totes, crossbody or backpacks? If you’re an avid multi-tasker who prefers to have their hands-free (so many emails and calls to reply!), you may want to consider the crossbody bags and backpack options. Anya Hindmarch’s adorable googly eyes, Givenchy’s quilted leather and Issey Miyake’s pleated messenger hits the top of our list!

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