10 Artists’ latest artwork involves using a Lady Dior bag as canvas

Redressing the lady


By Buro247

10 Artists’ latest artwork involves using a Lady Dior bag as canvas

Inspirited by the masterstroke that was last year’s Lady Art project, Dior reprises their artistic affair—with a slight expansion worked in this time. What began as a one-off collaboration with sculptor, illustrator and painter Marc Quinn swelled to include six more American and British artists by the end of the year. Now back for its second edition, the Dior Lady Art project has enlisted ten famed artists from all over the world to impart their creative vision upon the brand’s iconic Lady Dior bag.


Sumptuous padded leather pushes through the Maison’s signature cannage stitching whilst mirrored facets flirt with reflection; the Lady Dior is a classic symbol of the brand’s unwavering feminine vision. Around two decades ago, the first iteration of the bag tickled Princess Diana’s fancy and was propelled onto world’s radar, where it has remained ever since. In celebration of the iconic accessory and the art of collaboration, the artists were granted carte blanche with their reimagination. Everything from the bag’s fabric, size, colour, jewellery, handles, stitching and charms were decided upon by the artists.


Click through for twenty new Lady Dior bags that bear a unique mark of artistry and diversity:

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Each design has a limited run of 50 to 150 units and will be available in 29 Dior boutiques and shops-in-shop worldwide beginning December 1. 

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