Relish in Japanese food and flavours with this special exhibition by Google

Relish in Japanese food and flavours with this special exhibition by Google


Text: Gwen Ong

No matter if you’re a Japanophile or not, you'd want to feast your eyes on a visual delight with Meshiagare!


Warning! You should not check out Meshiagare! while hungry. Not if you want to have a sudden strong desire to visit Japan stat. Now that we've got the disclaimer out of the way, we can tell you more about our foodie discovery. Meshiagare! Flavors of Japan is a new online exhibition specially curated by Google Arts & Culture with some 20 partners. You're just one click away to learning about Japanese food, flavours, history and its culture. Think of it as a portal to all things delicious from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Meshiagare means 'enjoy your meal' and trust us, this is a visual feast that will get your tummy rumbling. You can browse through thousands of photos and videos on the people, places and traditions that make Japanese cuisine so wholesome, soul-warming and exquisite.

Decode the basics of sushi, bento, ramen, wagashi and etc; learn how sake is made; explore umami culture; take a walk through Shinjuku's Golden Gai street; get bitesize facts on the history of Japanese food and more. Fun fact—did you know soba was first eaten as dumplings?

Meshiagare! Flavors of Japan is a journey into Japanese gastronomy, curated with 3,000 crisp images, videos and stories. To learn more, visit this Google Arts & Culture exhibition for free here. Happy exploring!


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