New Raya songs to add to your party playlist this coming Eid

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By Marissa Chin

New Raya songs to add to your party playlist this coming Eid

Every holiday comes with its set of soundtracks to make celebrations even more fun and enjoyable. While there are many classic Raya songs that are dear to our hearts, it never hurts to add more tunes to your party rotation—plus, all the more reason to support our local artists! Ahead, discover the latest Raya songs to crank it up with your loved ones in the car or at your kampung.


Alamak Raya Lagi – De Fam

Proving to still be at the top of their game, De Fam released their now-viral Alamak Raya Lagi that has taken over social media—even getting K-pop group to take part in the challenge! With its catchy “alamak” lamentation, the song talks about the chaos that ensues come Raya in a humorous and uber-relatable way.


Ketipak Ketipung Raya – Aisha Retno and Aziz Harun

Raya songs are endearing for their nostalgic quality and this song definitely captures that spirit! With its sweet and melancholic melody, playing this single will get you excited about driving back home, despite the traffic jams and long journey ahead. 


Lagu Raya Raya Raya – Insomniacks X Dolla

It’s the crossover we’ve been waiting for! On 29 March, popular local acts Insomniacks and Dolla teamed up to release a medley song that combines their hit songs from 2023 and 2021 respectively. Two songs in one means double the happiness! The result is a joyous track that will get anyone into the right mood for the holiday.


Santai Raya – Faizal Tahir and Naqiu

Sampling from his own song Santai that was released in 2022, Faizal Tahir’s Santai Raya is the perfect tune to get you in the mood for the holiday. With its breezy tune, the song embodies an air of calm and relaxation amidst all the business surrounding the Raya period.


Hahahahahari Raya – Ernie Zakri 

Regarded as another standout this year, Hahahahahari Raya is a fun earworm that will put you in an instant good mood. It’s hard not to smile while listening to the song, which is why it should most definitely be on repeat during your Eid celebrations. We’re sensing another viral hit!


Raya Mana? – Nabila Razali

Popular singer Nabila Razali lends her sweet vocals to her 2024 Raya song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head once you listen to it! The earworm balances traditional Malay acoustics and modern elements such as autotune and a bouncy bassline.


Hari Raya– Hael Husaini 

Not a stranger to serving head-bopping Raya tracks, Hael Husaini returns this year with another song that passes the vibe check. Simply titled Hari Raya, the single is both nostalgic and giddily campy, marrying a retro sound and a heavy baseline that will surely attract listeners of all ages. 




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