Milan Fashion Week AW16 culture guide

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Milan Fashion Week AW16 culture guide

There are certainly plenty of activities going on during Milan Fashion Week to keep people up and on their feet in this beautiful city that remains a heaven to those with a delicate palette and a taste for the luxury life. The best part is, most of these exhibitions last longer than fashion week itself so you’ll have plenty of time to spare if you plan to extend your trip for a couple more days. 

24 Feb: The Nutcracker, Teatro alla Scala

Ah, the traditional Christmas classic. Famous amongst the young and old alike, it remains a wonder to find a certain select few who have not heard of Tchaikovsky’s famous composition that has spawned so many ballet performances and renditions. A tick to most people’s bucket lists, especially when performed inside the walls of the famous Teatro alla Scala. 

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20 Feb – 5 Jun: ‘Herb Ritts’ Balance Photographs from 1980 – 2002, Palazzo della Ragione

Herb Ritts, known for his fashion covers on magazines and various fashion campaigns for Versace, Giorgio Armani and many more, has currently opened up a photograph exhibition for the first time in Milan. This exhibition takes from previous public and private collections by Herb and showcases some of his best works to date. 

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3 Feb – 5 Jun: Symbolism from the Belle Époque to the Big War, Palazzo Reale 

To all those philosophical thinkers who lie awake in their beds pondering human nature at odd hours of the night, this art exhibition might be just for you. Centering around themes like love, life and death (the well-known classic trio), there is even a decorative session at the end of the tour that allows visitors to be immersed in the atmosphere of the famous Arabian Nights.

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27 Feb: Fourth Milano Map Fair & Sixth Carta Antica, Hotel Michelangelo

Just a walk away from Milan’s Central Station is Hotel Michelangelo, who’s playing host to an exhibit of historical maps, pictures, and print collections from both local and international collections. The perfect time to visit for those history enthusiasts or avid book readers who enjoy that musky smell of old books.  

More info here and here.


Feb – 28 Feb: Milanopiazzaduomo, Museo del Novecento

A dedication to Milan’s Piazza Duomo, located at the centre of its city as well as being a pride of its people. This montage of photographs from Gabriele Basilico and Marina Ballo Charmet features different interpretations of the Piazza Duomo through various perspectives in the eye of the camera lens.

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26 – 28 Feb: Next to Normal, Teatro della Luna

The musical, which won the 2010 Pulitzer Award, showcases the daily lives of the traditional American family revolving around the American Dream, a major theme in the lives of every high school literature student who has been forced to read something along the lines of Death of a Saleman (and I will never really like Willy Loman as a character). Next of Normal however, seems to take a darker turn, with mental illnesses and psychiatric drugs to emphasise just how dysfunctional the Goodmans are.

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Feb – 6 Mar: Ennesima, Triennale di Milano

‘Seven-exhibitions-in-one-exhibition,’ is what the brochure states, making it sound like a Human Centipede reference to one huge art orgy. With more than 50 years of contemporary and modern Italian art gathered in a single place by some of the most renowned artists of both past and present, it’s hard to doubt that it is anything but.

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Feb – 20 Mar: Aperitivo in Concerto, Teatro Manzoni

A live music performance with a range of different styles and genres that is held every Sunday in appreciation of the diverse forms of musical culture found globally. There are eleven performances per night, a perfect way to end your night enjoying melodic tunes either alone or with a partner. 

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Feb – 20 Mar: Alfons Mucha and the Art Nouveau Atmospheres, Palazzo Reale

For all those who have assembled variations of his paintings, The Four Seasons, through jigsaw puzzles, this art exhibition features 220 works from the artist himself, accompanied by different art pieces created during Mucha’s time to highlight the La Belle Époque art period. 

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