How does the world celebrate Chinese New Year?

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How does the world celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year exploded in auspicious festivities as millions across the globe took part in celebrations to ring in the year of the fire rooster. From dazzling fireworks to lion dances from makeshift boxes, here are a few glimpses into what went down around the world for #CNY2017:


1. London
Members of the Chinese community perform a dragon dance as they celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year in Central London.


2. Hong Kong
Fireworks explode over the Victoria Harbour to celebrate Chinese New Year. 


3. Nanjing
Traditional handmade lotus lanterns sold at Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern Festival to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and Spring Festival.


4. New York
Confetti-strewn streets at New York City’s Chinatown mark the arrival of the traditional Lunar New Year.


5. Kathmandu
Girls from from Tamang community dressed in traditional attire participate in the rally to mark Sonam Losar or Lunar New Year in Kathmandu, Nepal.


6. Kuala Lumpur
An Ethnic Malaysian-Chinese devotee burns joss-sticks at the Thean Hou temple decorated with red lanterns in Kuala Lumpur on the eve of the Lunar New Year. 


7. Jakarta
Indonesian Chinese releases birds during Chinese New Year celebrations at Dharma Bhakti Temple.



8. Bangkok
Newborn babies in Chinese-inspired costumes to mark the Year of the Rooster lay in cots at Paolo Memorial Hospital in Bangkok.


9. Manila
Children perform a lion dance using cardboard boxes for alms on a street in Manila’s Chinatown.


10. Sao Paolo
The dragon dance is performed during celebrations to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year at the Liberdade district in Sao Paulo.


11. Shanghai
People pray with incense sticks at the Longhua temple in Shanghai.


12. Sydney
Fireworks light up the skyline over the Sydney Opera House lit with red floodlights in conjunction with Chinese New Year.


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