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‘Nevertheless’: 8 On-point reactions to Sol and Jiwan’s sweet same-sex romance


By Buro247

‘Nevertheless’: 8 On-point reactions to Sol and Jiwan’s sweet same-sex romance

[Note: This post contains spoilers for episodes 8 and 9 of Nevertheless]

While Jae-eon (Song Kang) and Nabi (Han So-hee) painfully flip flop between attraction and drawing up healthy boundaries, viewers are *nevertheless* still tuning in for all the other characters and blossoming relationships around them.

Two fan favourite pairings are #Byuhyun (Bit-na and Kyu-hyun) and #SolJiwan (Sol and Ji-wan). They’ve been lauded for balancing both the realistic and sweet bits of falling in love—with one couple being straight and the other flying the flag for LGBTQ+ representation on Korean television.

Reflecting South Korea’s conservative culture, it’s still not all that common to see same-sex pairings in K-dramas, especially mainstream ones such as Nevertheless. Hence, it’s not surprising that the Internet can’t seem to get enough of Sol and Ji-wan’s heartwarming love story.

Sol is also one of the most popular characters in Nevertheless, not just for her frank and free-spirited personality, but also for her unique yet stylish take on the bohemian aesthetic. It also helps that Lee Ho-jung, who plays Sol, is deeply in tune with her character—to the extent of contributing clothing from her own wardrobe for Sol’s on-screen fits.

How Sol and Ji-wan got together

In episode 8, which aired on 7 August (8 August in Malaysia on Netflix), Sol finally confessed her feelings to Ji-wan by making it clear she likes her “not as a friend”. That nail-biting scene is relatable even if you’re straight, as they’re best friends who are afraid to rock the boat by taking their mutual attraction to the next level.

In episode 9, which aired on 14 August, they finally had “the talk” with Ji-wan (played by Yoon Seo-a) opening up to Sol about her true feelings and insecurities. Following that, the pair kissed (!) and they’re now official!

How Twitter reacted:

#1 Cupid has been busy


#2 The temperature’s rising

#3 A win for representation

#4 Context: Sol thinks Jae-eon and Nabi should be #endgame

#5 Nothing gets past Bit-na’s radar

#6 This is superior attention to detail

#7 And another one

#8 If you know, you know

The last episode of Nevertheless airs this Sunday, 22 August on Netflix.

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