In pictures: The 'blood moon' as the world saw it

In pictures: The 'blood moon' as the world saw it

Magnificent orb

Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Getty Images

Did you catch sight of the historic ‘blood moon’ last Friday?

On 27 July 2018, the world was treated to the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Also known as a 'blood moon' for the reddish hue that the moon takes during the eclipse, it also coincided with Mars' closest approach to Earth in 15 years. If you caught sight of two reddish orbs in the sky, it wasn't your eyes playing tricks on you.


Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Africa are the lucky continents for this historic celestial occurrence, as we were able to witness most of the eclipse—only parts of South America were able to witness the phenomenon. See how the moon looked oh-so-beautiful in red across the world here: