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Travel into space with ‘NASA: A Human Adventure’ at the ArtScience Museum

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By Buro247

Travel into space with ‘NASA: A Human Adventure’ at the ArtScience Museum

To most, space travel is but a cosmic adventure reserved for an elite troupe while the rest spectate from afar. This November, an upcoming blockbuster exhibition at the ArtScience Musuem, Singapore promises to whisk you away on an intergalactic voyage that is not to be missed.

‘NASA: A human journey’ chronicles the groundbreaking accomplishments of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA). Discover milestones in human space exploration through the dreams that fueled the missions, the triumph of engineering and technology, and the fortitude of the humans behind the rockets.

As you step through the simulated gantry entrance, five exhibition galleries displaying over 200 historically significant artefacts (including items which have flown to space and back) and NASA’s legendary space crafts such as a full-sized replica of the Apollo Command Module that carried the first humans to the moon and back.

Gallery 1: The Dreamers

Devoted to the men who dreamed of space exploration and devoted their lives to making that dream a reality.

Gallery 2: Go Fever

A record of the Space Race that pit the US against the Soviet Union and how it rapidly pushed the boundaries of human achievements in their conquest of the cosmos.

Gallery 3: Pioneers

Dedicated to the genius rocket scientists and engineers who made the ambitious dreams of space travel a reality with an amazing display of the evolution of the rockets created by NASA.

Gallery 4: Endurance

Explores the challenges of travelling to space and surviving the hostile environment through the instruments, hardware and tools that become daily necessities on a space journey

Gallery 5: Innovation

Highlights the ideas and innovations that make missions possible. Star features include full sized replicas of spacecrafts that have travelled to space and back.


The exhibition will be held from 19 November 2016 till 19 March 2017. For more information, click here and get ready for an adventure of cosmic proportions. 


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