BURO 24/7 malaysia presents
Painting the town red
with this girl squad
With their "I-make-my-own-rules" attitude, you know this girl squad is here to stay.
There is something mysterious when dusk falls, a feeling that you can almost get away with anything arises. It's a time when you're excused for being a little naughty and perhaps, a little bit wild–just ask Amanda Chaang, Juwei Teoh, Nadiyah Shahab, Shikin Gomez and Shir Chong.

On a recent night about town, the girls brought their A-game and showed us what being bold, sexy and confident is all about. With a swipe of the new YSL Tatouage Couture liquid matte lip stain, this girl squad put on their best 'smizes', and took on a new attitude.

A secret doorway at the back of what looked like a toy shop led us into a speakeasy in the heart of Chinatown, where between drinks, laughs, and of course lipstick touch-ups, the girl squad demonstrates the key to having a good time is with great company. Watch as the ladies come out to slay.
wears shade #8 Black Red Code
"The YSL Tatouage Couture defines the lips to look sexy and luscious; it's something that I'll wear everyday and everywhere."

wears shade #1 Rouge Tatouage
"I love that this was so smooth and easy to apply – it's the perfect lipstick to wear for a date night out whether with my girlfriends or special someone."

wears shade #22 Corail Anti-Mainstream
"I'm in love with the nice vibrant colour that really pops out and the smooth texture that glides on perfectly without drying out my lips."

wears shade #15 Violet Conviction
"The YSL Tatouage has a lasting coat of colour in lush texture that helps me to make an impression whenever, wherever I need to hustle."

wears shade #19 Fuchsia Intime
"For days when I feel like I need a little pick-me-up – whether for work or party – I'll go with the YSL Tatouage. It's such a great way to spice up your #ootd."

YSL Tatouage Couture liquid matte lip stain is the new must-have in every handbag. With 18 gorgeous shades in the line-up, the liquid lipstick comes with a flat shape applicator that allows for precision and control, so you can flaunt your pout with confidence.

YSL Tatouage Couture is now available at YSL Beauty stores in Pavilion KL, and 1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Photography: Gerald Goh/Metal Bees
Videography: Shepherd Pictures
Styling: Cai Mei Khoo & Wei Yeen Loh
Hair: Chiaki Sabata
Makeup: Geraldine Loy
Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong
Coordination: Gwen Ong & Angel Yau
Location: PS150

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