Most outrageous YouTube makeup looks of 2015

Most outrageous YouTube makeup looks of 2015

Prepare to have your mind blown

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Be it trippy or just plain gory, some of these makeup tutorials made 2015 much more interesting for us closeted YouTube-philes

While everyone's talking about all the beauty trends that happened in 2015, have you wondered what the most outrageous looks on YouTube were this year? Just because it isn't Halloween doesn't mean you can't watch any of these awe-inducing makeup tutorials from the burgeoning pool of skillful makeup artists on YouTube.

Probably the trippiest makeup look of this lot, Promise Phan (equally talented sister to makeup guru Michelle Phan) painted on an extra set of eyes and nose on her face for her first Halloween makeup tutorial of this year. Don't worry if you feel like your vision's getting wonky after staring too much at it—you're not the only one!


It's only apt that Madeyewlook did not one, but seven Snapchat-filter looks in this tutorial as Snapchat is probably 2015's most-talked-about app. We'd be lying if we say that these selfie filters aren't fun, and the consensus is that her rainbow-puke tutorial is one of the most well-done on YouTube.


Inspired by Madeyewlook's tutorial, FreshBlush's spin on a melting Barbie doll is two parts ingenious and one part gross—the "melted plastic" is a homemade concoction of glycerin, gelatin and water. What we like is how unpredictable this is, as isn't it boring to always be plastic-perfect all the time?


As her name suggests, Glam&Gore is well known for all her realistically gory looks that are perfect for Halloween. But this Avant Garde Splatter look is making our glitter-filled hearts flutter, firstly because it's so much fun just watching her sprinkle glitter (literally) on her face, and secondly, her brow and lip colour are pretty much #onfleek—complementing her glitter hues perfectly.


If you're a pop art fan, Kandee Johnson's beauty caricature is so artistic that it almost looks unreal (or shall we say surreal?) Painted in turquoise, pink, with streaks of black and white for shading and highlighting, she resembles a real-life, talking work of art from the 1950s pop art movement.


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