Beauty insider: Supergoop!’s Senior Vice President dishes on the new Unseen Sunscreen range

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Beauty insider: Supergoop!’s Senior Vice President dishes on the new Unseen Sunscreen range

Ahead of Supergoop!’s two biggest launches of the year, we catch up with the brand’s Senior VP Natalia Obolensky—here’s the inside scoop.

When it comes to SPF, Supergoop! has been at the forefront of innovation since 2007. From the very beginning, the brand set out with a clear goal—to get everyone wearing sunscreen every single day. Since its founding, the brand has completely revolutionised the way people perceive sunscreen, trading in traditionally gloopy, sticky textures for sophisticated formulations that range from creamy and dreamy to invisible and irresistible. In short, Supergoop! was the first to make sun protection chic, and it all began with one product.

The iconic Unseen Sunscreen put the brand on the map, and it has remained a cult favourite in beauty bags across the globe ‘til now. Since then, the Unseen range has grown, incorporating a body formulation, a lip balm and—most recently—mineral and stick formulations into the lineup.

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We spoke to Supergoop!’s Senior VP Natalia Obolensky about the two latest products in the Unseen Sunscreen family, her best tips for reapplication and the Supergoop! philosophy that has earned the brand its reputation as an industry leader. Read the full interview ahead:


supergoop unseen sunscreen 2024 malaysia
Pictured: Natalia Obolensky at The World Famous Unseen Sunscreen launch event in Singapore, June 2024.


What is so special about the Unseen Sunscreen? Why do you think it’s still such an enduring favourite among beauty lovers?

“It’s the OG, right? The original. When Unseen Sunscreen came out, there was no transparent sunscreen. It didn’t exist! Our founder, Holly Thaggard, essentially set out to make a sunscreen that was clean and omitted certain chemicals from its formulation. Almost every manufacturer said that it wasn’t possible to make SPF without these ingredients unless it was mineral, using zinc oxide (which, as we know, leaves a white cast). 

“But she pushed through and found a combination of ingredients that then became the original Unseen Sunscreen, and it revolutionised the SPF business. Until that point, people had never seen that light, smooth, and completely transparent texture in sunscreen. And, even now years on from when it was first made, it’s still a unique formulation. So, Unseen is really a range that we seek to delight people with and to be a little bit unexpected with.

“Even our new Unseen Sunscreen Mineral has that pillowy and powdery finish. I think the whole range is intended to feel barely there and weightless—a collection of SPF that people are excited to use every day.”


There are two new additions launching under the Unseen umbrella: Unseen Sunscreen Mineral and Unseen Sunscreen Stick. Why did you decide to launch the new Unseen Sunscreen Mineral given that the Supergoop! already offers two mineral formulations?

“We’re conscious that everyone wants different things. And, we realised that we had a group of consumers who wanted a Mineral formula, but who wanted the same powdery, pillowy-type finish and texture of Unseen rather than the tinted and smooth finishes of our other mineral sunscreens.

“None of our products are perfect for 100 per cent of our audience—except for Every. Single. Face. which is actually perfect for everyone in my opinion—but that’s why we try to provide options for as many people as we can. Like, if you have very oily skin, the original Unseen Sunscreen is probably not the right formula for you.

“Similarly, if you have a very deep skin tone, Unseen Mineral is not going to be the right formula for you. But, every single one of our products has a specific purpose and is made with someone in mind.”


supergoop unseen sunscreen 2024 malaysia


It seems like every brand nowadays is launching an SPF—with so much competition in the market, how does Supergoop! stay ahead of the curve?

“Well, I think the first thing is that we’ve been doing this for 20 years. It takes a long time to make a good sunscreen. To make an SPF product that will meet FDA requirements? Easy. Well, not that easy, but easier. But, to make one that feels good, that can breathe, that people want to wear, that’s what takes time.

“I think you can tell that our products were developed intentionally as SPFs, versus a lot of products on the market at the moment that exist where someone’s like, ‘Oh, add SPF in as an afterthought because it would be better with SPF’. There’s a very big difference between those two philosophies.”


What is the number one mistake that you always see people make with their sunscreen? 

“Not reapplying. Biggest mistake. People are like, oh, I did my makeup at 7am and then at 4pm I went for a walk outside—like, at that point, you have no SPF left on. Reapplication to make sure your skin is protected throughout the day is so important, and I think that’s why we’re excited about products like the Unseen and Glow Sunscreen Sticks and the powder SPF. It’s very easy to put them in your handbag to use on the go. In a pinch, I’ve used the stick all over my arms.”


supergoop unseen sunscreen 2024 malaysia


What are some of your best reapplication tips? 

“I mean, using our powder is the best thing—it’s so easy to use and it mattifies your skin. But, in terms of things that you need to keep in mind, I’d say one thing to consider is the order of products that you’re layering. For example, if you’ve used a heavy mineral formula underneath, layering a chemical formula on top isn’t going to sit well or work as well. It’s just about being conscious of that.

“But, honestly, if you’ve applied a good SPF base, and then you’ve applied your makeup, any SPF is really best for reapplication. So whether it’s a mist or a stick or a powder, again, the biggest thing is to make sure you’re actually reapplying, so whatever will get you to do that is the best thing for you. Any SPF is better than no SPF.

“Keep it simple, and use products that make it convenient for you. That’s why we have so many products in our range—it’s to cater to everyone. If you want a matte finish, you have the Unseen Sunscreen Stick and the powder. If you want a glowier look, there’s the Glow Stick and the (Re)setting Mist. There is (hopefully) always something that you can use from our line that seamlessly integrates into your routine.”


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