International Women’s Day: 8 Female influencers who are defying Instagram’s beauty standards


By Wei Yeen Loh

International Women’s Day: 8 Female influencers who are defying Instagram’s beauty standards
This diverse set of beauty influencers isn’t letting anyone dim their shine with their outstanding features and creative expression

One scroll through your Instagram feed and you’d be hard-pressed to find an #unfiltered (not even with BeautyCam or any other cute IG animal-face filters) shot of a beauty influencer who’s real-talking about her skincare woes. While we can’t fault these personalities for glossing over their perfectly-shot selfies (it is, after all, their income source), it’s always a refreshing change to find someone who’s going against the grain with a different set of beauty rules that they abide by.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we sift through the Insta throng for a list of females who aren’t just the usual beauty enthusiasts—but who actually face their personal battles with strength and confidence. Whether it is having rosacea, acne, or even the most unusual bone structure, these girls are motivating us to be the best version of ourselves with the help of some makeup, a lot of fun, and plenty of confidence.


Blessed with a combination of otherwordly features (upward-tilting eyes, unique nose and smattering of moles), Tibetan model Tsunaina has the sort of face that automatically garners double takes—whether IRL or on IG. She was recently featured on Pat McGrath’s Mothership makeup launch campaign, and has since then been photographed by a slew of brands and titles.


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Lex Gillies

London-based blogger Lex Gillies has spent the last decade (and longer) learning to manage her rosacea-ridden skin. The beauty advocate offers a wealth of skincare advice, tips, and beauty routine to her followers on Instagram and blog. She has also been featured on major news sites on her skincare journey, including that one scathing (but absolutely accurate) blog post on how women do not makeup for men.



Aryuna Tardis

If you can’t get enough of experimental makeup, give Russian makeup pro Aryuna Tardis a follow on IG and let her subversive work blow your mind. Also appointed as L’Oreal’s Colorista Ambassador, Tardis is not a stranger to making statements with her makeup looks—from alienoid-chic to extraordinarily ethereal.


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Joyjah Estrada

Belizean-Australian model Joyjah Estrada can be described as traffic-stopping. From her superloud curls to freckled face, the 24-year old social media star is also a beauty maven, serving up some seriously beautiful makeup looks on her IG feed while also creating video content on YouTube on her skincare and haircare routines.


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Hani Hans

UK-based beauty columnist and beauty influencer Hani Hans launched her IG account to inspire and identify with other young Muslim girls that they can celebrate wearing the hijab through a plethora of creative ways i.e. makeup! Her glow-getting makeup looks and envy-inducing luminous skin are a few of the reasons she’s on our list today.



Em Ford

Self-taught beauty influencer Em Ford is an inspiration to anyone who’s had their fair share of battles with acne. After launching her viral video “You Look Disgusting“, she has since dabbled with side projects including filming a documentary on Internet trolls with BBC and most recently, being featured on British retailer Boots‘ for a body positivity campaign.


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Mei Pang

Canadian makeup artist Mei Pang first made headlines back in 2018 when a mini-tutorial of her creating a cut crease for monolids. Since then, the heavily-tatted, clean-shaven beauty influencer has amassed a loyal following on Instagram with more than 170,000 followers who tune into her creative makeup tutorials and reviews.


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Mirian Njoh

Toronto-based model, stylist and writer Mirian Njoh is more than meets the eye. The West-African blogger refuses to let her albinism dictate her life, choosing to express herself through her passion for beauty, fashion and photography. Not just a beautiful face, she also runs a fashion label that purveys one-of-a-kind accessories sourced from Liberia and Morocco.

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