3 Easy home remedies for that date night-ready glow

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By Su Fen Tan

3 Easy home remedies for that date night-ready glow

Want to look your best on date night this Valentine’s but didn’t have the time over the weekend to hit the spa? Fret not, we approached an expert to create a quick and easy guide of home remedies for gorgeous, glowing skin. You may be surprised by how some of the most common ingredients in your kitchen can work wonders.


Here, Winny Qurnianti (Spa Manager of Iridium Spa @ The St. Regis Langkawi) shares a few tips on how you can achieve a beautiful glow in under 15 minutes—still in time for your date this evening, or for a little self-pampering whenever:


1. The Tea Remedy

What it does: Gives you smoother, glowing skin

What you need: Recycled tea leaves (preferably Darjeeling tea, without added sugar).

How-to: Instead of throwing away the tea leaves after a cuppa, reuse it by opening up the sachets and applying it directly on cleansed face. Then, use the tips of your fingers to massage your face in a circular motion and leave for five minutes. After that, wash it off with room temperature water.

Expert tip: For best results, follow with a treatment of honey and fresh yoghurt. The tea remedy can also be used on the body.


2. Sesame Scrub

What it does: Leaves you with glowing skin that is soft and supple

What you need: Sesame seeds, sesame oil and honey

How-to: Grind sesame seeds until the texture becomes fine, then mix in the sesame oil and honey. Make sure the texture isn’t too thick, so that it is easier for absorption. Use it as you would a normal scrub—apply on cleansed face, massage in circular motion, then rinse off.


3. Lemon and Honey Mask

What it does: Brightens and lightens dark spots

What you need: Lemon and honey

How-to: Juice half a lemon and mix it with honey until slightly thick in texture. Apply on cleansed face and leave on for 5-15 minutes. You can also use the lemon skin to massage your face in circular motion. Then, rinse with cold water.

Did you know: On a slightly different note, drinking lemon and honey with ginger is also great for detox and weight loss.


The expert recommends: If you would like to indulge in some self-pampering outside of your home, try the Iridium Spa 3D Lifting with The Aphrodite Treatment, or enjoy the Divine Duo couple treatment with your partner!

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