Make Up For Ever opens first flagship store in Malaysia

Make Up For Ever opens first flagship store in Malaysia

"Life is a stage"

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Here's what you can expect from the unique concept behind the French professional makeup brand's first flagship

Inspired by the world of professionals, Make Up For Ever's first flagship store has a concept quite unlike any other. Equipped with studios for the photographer, artist and backstage area, the space encapsulates the brand's creator and artistic director Dany Sanz's favourite phrase, "life is a stage"—which isn't a surprise as this motto is proudly displayed in giant graffiti at the entrance.

Features of the new store include a bar area that highlights Make Up For Ever's best-selling ranges of brushes, false eye-lashes and other products on light-tube wall sculptures. An interactive experience is encouraged as well, with a play table where customers can learn all about sample star products via digital face charts and iPad tutorials. For a complete makeup tutorial, makeup artists will lead you to stations resembling celebrity dressing rooms thanks to red stage curtains on its facade. But what makes the store stand out is the array of eye-catching details, including clipped visuals of products to wall rails that evoke a darkroom sentiment, digital touch points via giant screens that play tutorials and launch videos, and all the LED lights that takes the store's ambience up one notch.


Not forgetting, the flagship's interior is one to take note of as well. Black is a recurring colour in the decor—raw concrete wall panels juxtapose dramatically with black wood floors, while matte black laminate and marble are found throughout the space. The brand's signature red also makes a scene within, spotted in the alcoves, drawers and on the seats. 


Make Up For Ever's flagship is located at Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


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