Why the Decorté AQ Oil Infusion is the elixir you need for radiant and youthful complexion

Why the Decorté AQ Oil Infusion is the elixir you need for radiant and youthful complexion

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Text: Gwen Ong

Call it a beauty pick-me-up – one that will boost the health and condition of your skin


What is your deepest desire when it comes to your skin? Our guess would be skin that is radiant, glows from within, plump and soft, flawless, healthy and perhaps, every positive adjective you can find. Yes, our wishlist is endless too. Now to help you realise your desired beautiful skin, Decorté introduces its renewed 'Absolute Quality' line. Its star product – the AQ Oil Infusion – should have a place in your beauty arsenal.


Based on the concept of skin responsiveness to its surrounding and the state of mind, the AQ Oil Infusion is a highly concentrated facial oil/serum that works to improve skin's healing signal from the cells and to energise the skin's structure from within. The lightweight non-greasy oil is easily absorbed into the skin to enhance its responsiveness for total relaxation and guide it to achieve maximum beauty. Where once you're prone to dryness and dullness, you will now notice skin that is radiant, smooth and soft.

Why the Decorté AQ Oil Infusion is the elixir you need for radiant and youthful complexion (фото 1)

Decorté's AQ Oil Infusion is uniquely formulated with rare and carefully selected ingredients such as:

  • • White mucuna bean extract that is traditionally used to improve circulation, has a restorative nature and exceptional brightening effects
  • • White birch water that is rich in natural minerals and amino acids, has amazing healing properties to protect skin from oxidative stress
  • • Tanba beans extract, derived from the highest quality of soybeans in Japan. Black soybean is rich in the female hormone-like isoflavone, anti-ageing anthocyanin and other nutrients. The extract also helps produce hyaluronic acid and revitalise cells


It is accompanied by a soothing scent that is refreshing with a deep floral woody note from the night-blooming cereus—a flower that is so rare, it only blooms once a summer's night. What sets the AQ Oil Infusion apart is its original formula that is free of stickiness and oily film. Hence, it envelops the skin with a luxurious and refreshing texture while helping it to retain optimum moisture and vitality levels.


The Decorté AQ Oil Infusion is paraben free and suitable for all skin types; use it to help you realised your ideal condition of the skin. Just four drops in the evening will get you glowing in the morning.


Priced at RM418 (40ml), you can get yours from Decorté counters in Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens, Isetan The Japan Store, Parkson Pavilion and Parkson Gurney.

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