Celebeauty: Michael Strahan says goodbye to his infamous tooth gap, this viral TikTok foundation covers tattoos and more beauty news

Celebeauty: Michael Strahan says goodbye to his infamous tooth gap, this viral TikTok foundation covers tattoos and more beauty news

This week with the stars

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Lil Nas X's new music video stirs up controversy, Iris Law gets anime hair and more celebrity beauty news from this week

This week calls for controversy, makeovers, and excellent Instagram reel attempts—find out what you missed from the stars this week!

Lil Nas X causes quite a stir with his new video for 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)'

The 'Old Town Road' rapper has apparently gone from cowboy-meme-man to Satan-adjacent baddie, and—as expected—the more conservative parts of the internet have taken issue with the shift in eras.

Overall, the video is full of incredible (albeit controversial) imagery, but it isn't without reason—Nas' dramatic descent into hell is a metaphor; an intentional act of defiance against the anti-LGBTQ narrative that condemns the community. Further, the project is somewhat of a love letter to his younger self; a reclamation of his identity as a gay man. In short, it's great! Message aside, we were also absolutely transfixed by the equally captivating looks in the music video.

In the span of the 3-minute experience, the rapper is depicted in a plethora of different ways, from a Renaissance-era Cupid character to a heavenly courthouse of blue-haired, Bridgerton-esque jurors and beyond. Honestly, it's difficult to pinpoint a singular favourite look, so you might as well just watch the video for yourself and let it all sink in:

Iris Law gets a big hair makeover...

Celebeauty: Michael Strahan says goodbye to his infamous tooth gap, this viral TikTok foundation covers tattoos and more beauty news (фото 1)

...and it's an absolute banger. The model took to Instagram to share a snap of her brand new 'do, now darker and more dramatic than ever. While we're pretty sure that Law is donning a wig, we absolutely adore the unexpected (and long-overdue) style switch-up!

Blink-182's Travis Barker lets his daughter cover up his face tattoos with TikTok's new favourite viral foundation

In case you missed it, TikTok has spent the last week raving about the new KVD Vegan Beauty Good Apple Foundation Balm. Boasting lightweight full coverage and a natural matte finish, the foundation has taken the app by storm (and has gotten some pretty good reviews in the process).

However, though the product has been tested by countless influencers, it seems that the former Blink-182 drummer—also known as Kourtney Kardashian's new beau—and his teenage daughter were keen to test the foundation's absolute limits. Namely, the father-daughter duo took to IGTV to test how it would fare on Barker's prolific face tattoos. Now, it's clear that the musician is absolutely covered in ink. However, he only has two face tattoos: the world "Blessed" underneath his left eye, and an anchor by his right eye.

After a quick shade matching session, the teenager went right in with concealing—and to our surprise (and theirs), the foundation took little more than a single swipe to completely cover the tat. Now that's what we call full coverage! 

Unfortunately, the foundation isn't available in Malaysia just yet—however, stay tuned for any updates!

Billie Eilish goes icier with her blonde

In case you missed it, the Therefore I Am singer marked the beginning of a brand new era with a huge hair makeover. Gone are the lime-green roots that one graced her head, and nigh is a mop of blonde tresses. However, if you recall the first images from the big reveal, Eilish started her blonde journey with a distinctly banana-yellow tone.

Cut to earlier this week, and it looks like the singer has gotten her hands on some toner (or a toning shampoo), and is gradually banishing the yellow in her strands in lieu of a clean, icy platinum. Either way, it's a look!

Gigi Hadid learns how to use Instagram Reels, and is fully feeling it

Featuring a seamless transition that bridges a clip of Hadid looking grumpy and "undone" (because, realistically, the supermodel's "undone" state is any normal person's Sunday best) with another of her in full-glam, oozing confidence, the only question we have is: How long did she spend on this?

If her caption is anything to go by, the answer is... a while. "If u asked for this u know who u are !!!!," writes the new mum. "You know all this reeeeel new business would not be possible without my tutors in the matte." Anyway, while the whole look is a certified moment, we're particularly loving the beachy, post-braid auburn locks that she's rocking.

Hadid's incredible head of hair is rife with volume, and yours can be too! Try some of our tried-and-tested tips for yourself!

Michael Strahan says goodbye to his infamous tooth gap... kind of

You may recognise Strahan from his work on television or from his career as an American football player. However, even if you're not familiar with him by name, you'll probably recognise his smile—the gap between his two front teeth have pretty much become a part of his signature look. That's why we were so surprised to find the gap missing as of March 31st!

That's right: #GoodbyeGap, as aptly put by the athlete. In a video posted to Instagram, Strahan explains that the decision to close the gap was not an easy one, with the idea being opposed by friends and business associates alike. Thankfully, however, this did not stop him from doing what he felt he needed to for himself. In his words: "I love it, holy f*ck."

While fans are a little shocked by the smile makeover, the television personality has been met by a wave of support. In fact, the Christmas king himself—Michael Bublé—commented on the post, saying, "You look great either way dude. Just keep on smiling!"

It's so lovely to see so many people rallying in support of body autonomy. However, unfortunately for everyone who has, Strahan took to Instagram to let us all now that we'd been made: April Fool's! The gap is stronger than ever, and it's certainly not going anywhere.

Kylie Jenner's hair is shorter than we've seen it in a while

It's time to play a game of: Is it a weave, a wig, or her natural hair? Vote now on your phones!

Well, considering that the youngest Jenner is a notorious beauty chameleon with a colourful hair history, really it's anyone's guess at this point. While out to Nobu for dinner with friends, the beauty mogul wore an out-of-this-world bodysuit by Pierre Louis Auvray and sported this short bob in a middle part, tucked behind her ears. Natural or not, we think that the straight-cut bob looks great on her.

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