Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

These male beauty vloggers are breaking boundaries by proving that makeup isn't only reserved for females

A week ago, Covergirl made beauty history by announcing 17-year old high school student James Charles as their first male spokesperson. The beauty junkie isn't just known for his incredible highlighting prowess (that is pretty much brighter than our future) but also his ability to create a variety of makeup looks to channel an array of characters, from a Halloween-inspired bunny to a tripped-out art lover.

But before naysayers can rain a world of hate on boys in beauty, just know that David Bowie and Boy George donned way more makeup back in the '70s and '80s while pulling off their on-stage personas perfectly. Below, a compilation of men whose brows are always #onfleek, and who are proud to show off makeup skills on social media:

Alex Faction

If Alex Faction's first 27 Halloween makeup tutorials on his Instagram account doesn't faze you, his title as J. Lo's makeup artist for Heidi Klum's 2015 Halloween party might just impress you. His talent doesn't just stop at realistically terrifying gory looks—he also specializes bridal makeup and has also rolled out a line of falsies available in USA.



Another makeup artist whose repertoire includes special effects makeup is ZachZenga. Prepare to have your mind over his mad skills with creating an insane number of horror movie worthy looks (a strobed mummy, anyone?), and the occasional everyday makeup tips that you might actually find useful.


Manny MUA

25-year old Manny Gutierrez was set on being a doctor before he found his true calling. Two years later, he now boasts over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and an equally strong following on Instagram. With fellow YouTube makeup artists Jeffree Star and PatrickStarrr, Gutierrez is breaking boundaries with his wealth of makeup expertise that appeal to a range of audience far and wide. 


Wayne Goss

You know a makeup artist has got it if he does contouring from Kim K, and in the case of Wayne Goss, he also happens to have almost 3 million YouTube subscribers and a line of makeup brushes that sold out in five minutes when it was first released. A classically-trained makeup artist by profession, Goss was one of the pioneering male makeup artists in the late 1990s and is different than the above mentioned beauty junkies with his straight-to-the-point tutorials and penchant for not wearing makeup. 


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