Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh Redzhanna Jazmin

In the spirit of Pride Month, these male beauty vloggers are breaking boundaries and proving that makeup is one size fits all.

The attitude towards men in makeup has come a long way since Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy sported a smokey eye. Traditionally, the online beauty scene has been a female-dominated industry (for once), but in the last couple of years, the beauty scene has been infiltrated by the boys and they're showing no signs of stopping. Gone are the days of heteronormative influencers—these boys are breaking boundaries everywhere.

With the perfect beats and snatched brows, these guys are doing their own thing (and doing it really, really well). Here are our picks for some of the best male beauty YouTubers on the scene:



A longtime YouTube favourite, Patrick Starrr has worked with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell and has even turned out a collaboration with MAC. With his trademark funny, bubbly personality and flawless makeup skills, Patrick's content is a surefire winner. See his take on a wedding look below, or check his channel out for his drag tutorials, celebrity makeovers or his hilarious vlogs.


Alex Faction

If Alex Faction's gory Halloween makeup tutorials don't faze you, his title as J. Lo's makeup artist for Heidi Klum's 2015 Halloween party is sure to impress you. Looking through his channel, you'll find a Billie Eilish tutorial, product reviews and glimpses into his life behind the makeup.



Another makeup artist whose repertoire includes special effects makeup is ZachZenga. Prepare to have your mind blown over his mad skills with creating an insane number of horror movie worthy looks (a strobed mummy, anyone?), and the occasional everyday makeup tips that you might actually find useful.


John Maclean

Forever walking the fine line between masculine and feminine, Maclean is one of the most refreshing MUAs on YouTube. Imagine an Elizabethan-era aristocratic vampire teaching you how to beat your face right (and roasting you so politely you can't even be mad), and that about sums up what it's like to watch his videos. Scrolling through his channel you'll find makeup tutorials, product reviews and even woodworking tutorials. In other words, it's an experience—10/10.


Manny MUA

25-year old Manny Gutierrez was set on being a doctor before he found his true calling. Two years later, he now boasts over 4.78 million subscribers on YouTube and an equally strong following on Instagram. With fellow YouTube makeup artists Jeffree Star and PatrickStarrr, Gutierrez is breaking boundaries with his wealth of makeup expertise that appeal to a range of audience far and wide.


Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is one of Youtube's OG beauty legends—he's been around for years and (unlike most makeup tutorials from that era) his tutorials from as many as eight years ago still hold up well today. A classically-trained makeup artist by profession, Goss was one of the pioneering male makeup artists in the late 1990s and is different than the above mentioned beauty junkies with his straight-to-the-point tutorials and penchant for not wearing makeup. Check out his channel for useful tips and tricks as well as celebrity tutorials.


Ivan Lam

Ivan Lam is a Malaysian (yay, representation!) who lives in Los Angeles, California and does everything on his YouTube channel from makeup and skincare tutorials, to hair tutorials to vlogs with Jonathan from Queer Eye. The self-proclaimed Softboi is breaking boundaries by talking about everything from acne skincare to adapting to Western culture, all while serving some looks.