5 Korean It-girls to follow for “cool girl” beauty inspo



By Low Sue Mae

5 Korean It-girls to follow for “cool girl” beauty inspo

In your cool girl era and looking for makeup inspo to match? We’ve rounded up five Korean celebrities who have mastered the art.

Everyone knows that the K-wave has swept the globe, from music to fashion to beauty. Whether it’s how to dance or how to beautify your appearance, Korea has become a global leader in trends across every niche. Korean beauty, in particular makeup and skincare, is a huge (and growing) market, and for good reason.

Even within beauty, there are various subcultures and aesthetics, ranging from cute to cool. Today, we’ll focus on how to recreate the “cool girl aesthetic” by looking at the top unnis in the K-circle. 

Han So Hee


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You can’t be her, but you can surely copy her makeup. For her signature look, subtlety is key. To recreate it,  use brown eyeshadow to line your eyes, then smudge the line with a brush for a blurred effect Make sure the line is not long (align the angle of your wing with the corner of your eyes). Go easy on the contour and highlighter, keep your makeup palette within the brown and peach colour range, top it off with a coat of mascara and you’re done!


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Her vibrant eyeshadow looks are also great to emulate if you’re looking for something that’s out-of-the-ordinary for special occasions.




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The OG cool girl in K-Pop, CL’s makeup puts emphasis on the eyes. She’s often seen with a strong winged eyeliner that makes her eyes appear bigger. To replicate the look, make sure to draw a super thick and sharp wing, paired with high-volume eyelashes (eyelash extensions are encouraged here).




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Small but mighty, this multi-talented leader and K-Pop idol is known for her cool yet Barbie-like makeup inspo. Prepare a pair of brown or hazel-coloured lenses to instantly enlarge your pupils and give you a doe-eyed look. Focus on your lower eye makeup and try to enhance the aegyo sal (read: the pad of fat under your eyes)  with natural browns and highlights, while adding a similar light blush for a slightly flushed complexion. 

Lastly, use individual falsies both on the upper and lower lashline to create her signature fanned-out lashes, or if you’re blessed with naturally long lower lashes, pinch small groups of lashes into clumps after mascara to group them for the same effect. This method of application is also known as a “Korean eyelash extension”, designed to give you a fuller and cleaner look that gives off an innocent, cute vibe.




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This down-to-earth soloist finesses the ABG style with stunning straight hair and huge hoops as a part of her signature look. High-volume eyelash extensions are a must, as well as a nude-coloured lip liner and lipstick to create voluminous lips.

You can also draw a stronger nose, cheek and jaw contour to make your features stand out like Jessie’s does. 




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Sexy and alluring—two words to describe this iconic queen. Nothing shows character and charisma like a juicy red lip, which is exactly Hyuna’s trademark,  especially on stage. Her eye makeup also utilises a combination of fan-like, Korean-style eyelashes, sleek liner wings, and coloured lenses that never fail to make fans fall for her deep gaze.

She also uses highlighter and eyeshadow to bring out her aegyo sal. The eye makeup is matched with heavy blush to give her a cute sun-kissed effect, topped off with a finishing signature mole under her eye.


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