Natural-looking highlighters to shop for an effortless glow

Radiance from within


By Low Sue Mae

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Natural-looking highlighters to shop for an effortless glow

Is your skin feeling dull and tired? Get your glow back with these skin-like highlighters.

Everybody wants dewy, hydrated-looking skin—the kind that catches the light just right, helping your cheekbones pop and your features stand out. The only problem is that to get dewy, hydrated and bouncy skin, you need to eat well, sleep well, and drink loads of water. It’s just three steps, but for some, it’s an impossible task.

So, what can you do instead? Keeping up with moisturising is an obvious must, but how does one get that luminous, glowing-from-within look without having to actually take care of themselves? Believe it or not, effortlessly glowy skin actually comes conveniently packaged nowadays.

Sometimes, all you need is a good highlighter. Not the chalky, hyper-glittery textures of the mid-to-late 2010s, of course—let’s never go back to that phase, please—but the skin-like, radiant finishes that have come up in popularity recently.

We’ve rounded up highlighters that give your skin the radiance you’re looking for, without the overtly unnatural sparkle and cakey finish. These highlighters come in a multitude of different finishes and textures, but all deliver the same subtle, natural sheen. Plus, they’re buildable and blendable, so you can use them all on their own or layered over one another until you’ve got your desired effect. 

Ahead, shop our edit of the best natural-looking highlighters:


Powder highlighters

Powder highlighters are probably what you’re most familiar with. It has the best lasting power across the highlighter category, as well as the most buildable finish. Best suited for those with oily skin, these highlighters stay all day and set your base without looking chalky and cakey.

Liquid highlighters

A liquid highlighter is an ideal choice for those with dry skin because its watery formula provides hydration and also gives a more seamless blend. It also gives wearers a dewy glow, making your skin look naturally moisturised. TIP: Keep the layers to a minimum—liquid highlighters tend to lift your base when layered too heavily!

Cream and balm highlighters

Cream and balm highlighters have a thicker consistency that still provides hydration for dry skin, but with better staying power. They offer the finish of liquid highlighters with the buildability of powder highlights. Cream highlighters tend to offer a more matte glow, while balms offer a more glossy finish—that said, either way, they look skin-like and radiant!

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