8 Lipstick shades that are perfect for every day

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By Low Sue Mae

8 Lipstick shades that are perfect for every day

Here’s your ultimate guide to “no-brainer” lipstick shades that are perfect for everyday—full face beat optional!

If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to look put together instantly, we have good news: there is. Whether you’re hoping to nail the perfect no-makeup makeup look on an impromptu errand, you want a little colour in your face to make you look awake for work, or you want a lippy that goes with every eye look, these lipsticks are an absolute lifesaver. With the right shade, you can take all of the guesswork out of planning your look for the day—and it doesn’t even have to be nude!

To help you score the perfect shades for all occasions, we’ve put together some versatile lippies that are perfect for daily wear. From MAC to Chanel to Dior and more, scroll down to find all MLBB shades that deserve to be added to your makeup pouch.


For an enhanced bare-faced look…

Want to look gorgeous in your “most natural state”? Here are some shades of nude pinks that mimic the colour of one’s real lips. Nude lipsticks are top picks for those who want to complete the “I woke up like this” look. These low-key shades are classy yet effortless, enhancing one’s lips without drawing too much attention to them. Pop a quick swipe onto your lips and cheeks before heading out for the day and you’ll take yourself from drab to fab in an instant!

For the office and beyond…

Not a fan of nudes but still need to look office-appropriate? Here are some rosy tones that you can wear both daily and for work occasions. These shades go well with basically any complexion—a safe choice, especially if you’re new to makeup. Striking the perfect balance between nude and red, this range of sweet rose shades are popular picks when it comes to the perfect everyday lip. For days when you want to look ready, but not over the top, these lip shades are casual and cute in a stick.

For special occasions…

You might wonder, “How is this a daily lipstick shade?” True enough, when people hear about red lipsticks, it’s common to expect a bold, strong hue. However, that’s not always the case! If you pick the right reds, you’ll find that some red lipsticks can also look low-key and appropriate for every day. Introducing: The brownish reds. Muted or deeper red shades with a hint of brown give off a very elegant and chic look. A staple in the makeup bags of every “cool girl” you know, these shades can help to brighten one’s complexion and immediately make one look put-together (with little effort!).

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