3 Easy, long-wearing makeup looks to sport at your next festival

Minimum input, maximum impact


By Redzhanna Jazmin

3 Easy, long-wearing makeup looks to sport at your next festival

Headed to Good Vibes Festival this weekend? BURO’s Beauty Editor Red has created three festival-ready looks that are easier to pull off than they look.

Summer is in full swing and festival season is officially nigh! With Good Vibes set for this weekend and many others around South East Asia kicking off soon after, it’s time to break out the glitter and prep your gig-ready beauty beat.

I know, I know—why? I hear you: “Yeah, looking phenomenal is great, but having to actually sit down and do your makeup? No thanks”. I completely understand the struggle of wanting to look cute and also do the absolute least. Fortunately, I assure you that it’s possible.

If you’ve been looking for festival-ready makeup inspo that doesn’t take up hours of your time (or much skill at that), I’ve got your back. I’ve created three super easy looks that look way more impressive than they actually are. Better yet, each and every one of these looks can be achieved in 15 minutes or less and can be accomplished with just your fingers.

Ahead, find the tried-and-tested, lazy girl-approved looks, and how to nail them:




To take your liner from drab to fab, all you have to do is add a few more graphic accents at the edge of the wing and, if you like, in the inner corner. It’s an easy way to elevate your everyday liner, and it can be as ornate or as bare-bones as you wish. Bonus points if you’re using a coloured liner that matches your outfit!

I’ve decided to keep the embellishments simple for this one, but you could realistically add as many gems as you like—perhaps even an entire row to decorate your bottom lashes!

This entire look took just 15 minutes, and it stayed put all day long. Still, I’d recommend carrying around some extra gemstones and a little lash glue just in case you have any sparkly casualties.

TIP: The key to having your liner last all day is to powder the area generously. This prevents any oil from breaking your eyeliner down, especially when you’re sweating under the hot sun between and during sets.





If there was any time to experiment with your lip combos, a big blowout festival would be it. This spacey, monochrome look pairs perfectly with space buns and can be created with nothing but a single eyeshadow palette, a lip balm and your fingers.

I started with a gold metallic shimmer in my inner corners, moved on with many generous swipes of varying purple shimmers over the rest of my lids, and then I lined my eyes with a matching purple eyeliner. Then, I prepped my lips with a little lip balm and filled them in with another chunky purple eyeliner before applying that same shimmer over the top. I wanted everything to look cohesive, so I used a blend of two purple shades from the same eyeshadow palette to get my blush to match my eyeshadow and DIY lippy. To finish the look, I tightlined my lashline and followed up with a few coats of mascara.

All in all, this took me around 15 minutes from start to finish and was surprisingly long-wearing.

NOTE: If you’re planning on applying gloss over the top, I’d skip the eyeshadow topper step as the gloss will separate or lift the shadow with extended wear. Instead, find a lipstick and gloss combo that already matches your eyes and cheeks.





This is my favourite look of the lot for obvious reasons. However, don’t be fooled—though it may look very intricate and time-consuming, I assure you that this look took me no longer than 10 minutes (and I spent most of that time just fiddling with the little gems!). All you need is a set of butterfly temporary tattoos, a wet beauty sponge, and some glitter.

To start off, I cut out the temporary tattoos and mapped out my look. Then, I peeled the protective plastic off the tattoo, placed it where I wanted the design and applied it with my wet beauty sponge. I will admit that my handiwork is not the most even, but that’s just me being sloppy—I have faith in your application skills.

Then, I just applied a matching coloured liner and swiped a hefty amount of glitter over my lids and the bridge of my nose (TIP: If faux freckles are out of your wheelhouse, I recommend using glitter in its stead. It’s so cute, especially for festi season!).

For the rest of my face, I swiped a little blusher over my nose and cheeks and filled in my lips with a purple lip stain before topping it off with the same glitter I used on my eyes. Again, it’s a really simple look to do, but the final outcome looks amazing. Plus, once the tattoo is on, it really doesn’t budge so you can feel secure throughout your weekend of partying.

TIP: When it comes to removing your makeup, make sure you’re using an oil cleanser to dissolve the tattoo. No scrubbing, please!




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