The new Chanel Rouge Coco Flash lipstick has the right shade for every occasion


By Wei Yeen Loh

The new Chanel Rouge Coco Flash lipstick has the right shade for every occasion

If there were to be a number one rule in a lipstick aficionado’s beauty book, we’d likely go with “never settle for the same shade for every look.” And if that overarching statement isn’t self-explanatory enough, let’s put it this way: makeup should always be about having a tonne of fun. Why wear the same old lipstick colour for every occasion when you can switch it up and play with the colour wheel to go with what suits your mood?

Can’t resist a red lip to call your signature? Work with shades of red—from pink-tinged crimsons to sultry deep reds—that would bode well with your look, although we are firm advocates for an occasional coral or vivid pink to up the ante from time to time. The secret behind pulling off any shade with confidence is to find a lipstick that encourages you to embrace that burst of spontaneity.

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Enter Chanel’s all-new Rouge Coco Flash—a lipstick that feels as comfortable as your favourite lip balm, yet looks as good on the lips with a shimmering finish. Made with plant butter and nourishing oils (jojoba, mimosa and sunflower), the Rouge Coco Flash hydrates the lips for up to eight hours after application, with a silky coat of colour that doesn’t feel “heavy” on the lips.

But what truly makes it stand out in our books is the sheer variety of shades. We’re talking 27 shades with a shiny, mirror-effect finish that won’t make the lips feel like it sandpaper all-day long. Nudists can take their fill of nude-browns; pink-lip enthusiasts can go with eight different shades ranging from peachy pink to a deep fuchsia; risk-takers would love to experiment with plums and noirs that spell decadence in one swipe. Better yet, work any shade with translucent top coats to give it a tonal/textured twist.

Writer’s note: “I took the Rouge Coco Flash in 94 Desir for a spin and was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented it is. One swipe of it was all it took for the colour to show, but of course, a few more layers sealed the deal for a gala dinner I had to attend. A couple of hours into the night and my lips felt comfy without parched—a peek at my compact showed no bleeding into my lip lines, although I did require another swipe before that photo op halfway through dinner. I gotta say—it held up pretty well for a lipstick that vouches for comfort and colour.”


Chanel Rouge Coco Flash is available 15 March at all Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutiques and counters at all leading departmental stores.

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