#BuroBrides: A guide to picking your bridal hair and makeup look for the big day


By Redzhanna Jazmin

#BuroBrides: A guide to picking your bridal hair and makeup look for the big day

Weddings are called The Big Day™ for a reason—for many people it’s the biggest milestone of their lives, and a huge call for celebration. Apart from being the happiest day of your life hopefully, it’s probably also going to be one of the most well-documented.

So, when you look back on the countless photos, you’re going to want to be flooded with happy memories and fond feelings; not cringing at little details like a dodgy makeup look or a big hair misstep.

To help you avoid this whole situation, we’ve got a guide to help you choose your bridal makeup for your special day.

There are three main things you have to consider when choosing your bridal makeup look: Your personal style and tastes, the silhouette (and colour) of your dress and your theme/location.

Your personal style

Are you an old-soul retro enthusiast? A hopeless romantic? A glam goddess? Your personal style is one of the most important things to factor in for your wedding makeup—you’ve got to feel good for your big day, and the easiest way to instil confidence within yourself is to make sure your bridal makeup feels like you.

Never really dabbled much with makeup but just adore the pin-up look for yourself? Switch it up for your big day and go vintage! A bold liner and red lip combo is a timeless trend and a perfect suitor for a wedding. Usually opt for natural, feminine looks on your day-to-day? There’s no reason why you can’t stick to what you know.

Get your makeup done as you usually would, but up the ante on the romance-factor with a darker eyeshadow and glam up your hair into a polished ‘do. It’s the easiest way to feel like an elevated you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you go for as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Don’t worry; if you’re still finding it difficult to settle on a look, there are other things to consider.

The Wedding Dress

Picking out a wedding dress is one of the first steps to any bridal duties. It’s what puts you in the mood and what makes you really feel like a bride-to-be. However, while many would argue that this is the most integral part of the ‘bridal look’, without the right hair and makeup to pull it together it’s a dud.

There are several things to consider in order for you to use your dress to help you pick your beauty look; consider the silhouette, the details on the dress and the style.

For example, intricate lace details over a traditional full skirt and a heart-shaped neckline would perhaps call for a more romantic, feminine makeup look with a vintage, retro-inspired ‘do, whereas a streamlined, slinky dress may call for a more glam look—a sexy smokey eye and undone, tousled curls in a messy updo would complement a more contemporary dress silhouette.

Or, if you’re inclined towards an alternative look and planning for a little more colour, coordinating your makeup with the colour of your dress would be a trendy way to pull the look together.

The Wedding Theme and Destination

If you’re still indecisive, have a think about the theme and venue location. A beach wedding typically means lighter, dewy, natural makeup and beachy waves (though a hefty helping of setting spray means you can go as glam as you want, should you wish!), whereas a destination wedding in a Scottish castle may call for a more classic, princessy look (and plenty of moisturising face mist to fend off the cold, dry weather).

If none of these tips helped you decide on your bridal beauty look, consider having two main looks for the big day—one for the ceremony and one for the reception!

And finally, if you still can’t make up your mind, here’s the contingency plan: ask for advice from your bridal hair and makeup artist ahead of time—they’ll have made up plenty of brides for their big day and are bound to have a good idea of what looks best. Bring in a few of your ideas and inspirations to your consultation and see what they think!

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