6 Malaysian SFX makeup artists that are blowing us away with their realistic art


By Wei Yeen Loh

6 Malaysian SFX makeup artists that are blowing us away with their realistic art

You’ve read all about special effects makeup essentials to start out on your SFX journey, and even what goes behind bloody scenes in horror movies, but here’s who you should actually follow on Instagram for inspiration on the most creative, out-of-this-world makeup looks this Halloween.

From movie and cartoon characters with horror-laced elements to fantastical creatures made gory, these Malaysian makeup artists are making headlines for their limitless imagination, utilising their faces as canvasses to unleash their creativity and next-level SFX skills.

Neb Radzif

29-year old illustrator Neb Radzif first discovered special effects makeup when she unintentionally tried face painting on a friend. After honing her technical skills from the Internet and by learning from other professional makeup artists in the industry, the visual artist now has a small team of her own (Fx.Cat) and has worked with production teams locally and abroad to create special effects looks for films.


Watiey Abdullah


Having made headlines a few years ago for her transformative looks that range from former Prime Minister Najib Razak to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, makeup artist Asmawati Abdullah’s talent knows no boundaries. The self-taught artist also conducts makeup courses and workshops, with her expertise in bridal and SFX makeup.


Hammada Bamadhaj


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Content creator and makeup artist Hammada Bamadhaj recently took home the local NYX FACE Award for his unconventional looks that combine the weird and wonderful. The 24-year old artist got roped into SFX makeup after watching a Halloween makeup tutorial on YouTube and has never looked back since.


Saraswati Suharto


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Self-proclaimed comic geek and Disney lover Saraswati Suharto (aka Queen of Luna) is making hijabi-cosplay a thing with her impressive makeup skills—just take a look at her best imitation of Corpse Bride‘s Victoria Everglot and Spirited Away‘s No Face for proof. The 37-year old mother (who has gleaned an impressive near-400,000 followers on Instagram, btw) doesn’t let her headscarf stop her from trying out the wackiest looks, and constantly devices fun ways to incorporate her hijab into each look.


Amirul Zikri


Amirul Zikri’s SFX makeup looks borderline terrifying and realistic, and we love how he includes quick tutorials for most looks—even the most seemingly challenging ones. Follow him if you’ve also got a soft spot for Instagram-worthy eye makeup looks—we’re talking jewel-toned smokey eyes, cut creases using only two products, glitter-dusted lids and more.




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Makeup artist and influencer L3opanda’s impressive work repertoire includes Hong Kong films and high-fashion shoots. Hit the ‘follow’ button if you enjoy meticulous SFX art and the creepiest of Halloween-ready looks that will guarantee a scare fest.

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