We cut, bleached and coloured our hair—here are the results

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

We cut, bleached and coloured our hair—here are the results

One goes blonde and another gets a big chop—here’s what happened at Team BURO’s makeover extravaganza.

There is nothing more cathartic than getting your hair made over. Think the classic breakup haircuts or manic DIY dye jobs and fringe trims. At the end of the day, getting a big makeover—for better or for worse—signifies a new era for a woman. And, as we enter 2024, that’s exactly what Beauty Editor Redzhanna and Culture Writer Marissa were looking to usher in.

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It’s out with the old and in with the new, and our resident BURO lab rats are here to embrace their next step with the help of Number76. There was one caveat: It had to be bold. Cue: A few hours in the chair each and a lot of nail-biting…


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Ahead, see Redzhanna and Marissa’s full transformations and read their reviews of their experience with Number76:


Redzhanna, Beauty Editor: Going blonde @ Number76 Isetan Lot 10

buro malaysia hair transformation

The inspiration

“I’ve wanted to go blonde for a few years now (you can thank the ABG movement and Phoebe Bridgers for that), but I’ve always been sceptical that it would work for me. This isn’t my first rodeo with striking colours—I’ve been pink, blue, orange and green, but blonde is a very different ballgame. You see, vibrant shades leave your features with some contrast to keep you from looking undead. Blonde, however, is more unforgiving.

“That said, I figured I’d regret it if I didn’t try it at least once—besides, if anything, it would make for good content! So, I pitched platinum to my stylist. After all, if I was going to go blonde, then I was going to go blonde. I figured that if I really hated it, I could always tone my hair down a few notches or dye it back to black.”


The experience

“And so, I headed back to Number76 to meet up with my stylist Nick Tan (also the Salon Educator) for my big makeover. Fun fact: He was the stylist responsible for my boyfriend’s killer cut and perm, so I knew I was in good hands. I could wax poetic about my wonderful experience—and I will, actually—but it all boils down to a truly experienced stylist who put my hair’s health before anything else.

“During my consultation, Nick explained that platinum was achievable for me, but that I would have to lose a few inches off my previously permed ends. I pleaded with him to leave me as much length as he could. He conceded (against his wishes), and we started the five-hour-long process.

“Surprisingly, going platinum only took two bleaches—a miracle considering how dark my hair was to begin with. The first lift was done with 30 volume developer and the second with 20 volume, which allowed my hair to lighten without accruing unnecessary damage. Better yet, thanks to Nick’s expert application, I felt absolutely no pain throughout the bleaching process except for a little discomfort around my hairline. He explained that he specifically avoided my scalp and left the roots and hairline for last to keep me comfortable. Really, the only part of the process that sucked was putting the actual blonde colour on—because my scalp was sensitive from the bleach, the alkaline dye stung—but that sensation subsided in under five minutes.”


The results

“I won’t lie—seeing myself platinum blonde was super jarring, and I definitely wasn’t convinced it was for me fresh out of the salon. But, now that I’ve lived in the colour for a little while, I am happy to report that I absolutely adore it. I also really appreciate that Number76 put my hair’s health first. While I was completely fine with obliterating my hair going into the appointment (and, one could say I even expected it to happen), in hindsight, I think I would have hated having to settle for a blonde bob or stringy ends.

“My hair is fried at the ends, but I’m happy to report that with a few hair treatments, I’ve managed to bring the condition of my hair back to decent (score!). That said, it has only been a week and my roots are already visible, so I expect that root touchups will be a pain very soon. Oh well, that’s more content for me to explore—stay tuned for the Blonde Red Chronicles incoming!

“Also, I did go back to get my eyebrows bleached blonde too… even though I said I’d never do that again. It was an impulse decision and while it looks very editorial, I feel really ugly with the lack of contrast on my features (haha!). In my defence, I was under the delusion that having my brows and hair all in one colour would look a lot more cohesive. Needless to say, I was wrong. Thank god for brow gel! Anyway, if anyone can recommend a good brow tint, hit me up.”


Marissa, Lifestyle and Culture Writer: A big chop (and colour refresh) @ Number76 Bangsar

buro malaysia hair transformation

The inspiration

“Since doing a balayage a year ago and not cutting my hair for even longer, I felt overdue for a hair makeover. Not only did the colours of my balayage turn too yellow, but my roots were also seriously grown out and my tresses were so long, it was reaching butt territory (and you know in Malaysia’s heat, this was just not going to fly). 

“Plus, I’m not blessed with voluminous hair. In fact, my locks are so naturally straight and flat that I’ve had people ask if I’ve done rebonding before. So safe to say, I’ve fantasised about chopping a good five to six inches off for a while now. I chose a soft blunt cut with face-framing pieces and some layers in the hopes of adding more texture, volume and life back to my hair. 

“After doing a balayage, I’ve also realised that it’s a commitment to maintain, what with root touch-ups and regularly toning it. So instead, I opted to dye my hair back to a solid colour, but this time, with a dye that’s cooler to match my skin tone (according to a colour theory workshop, I’m a cool summer) and will not look so jarring once my roots grow out.”


The experience

“And so, I headed over to Number76’s Bangsar branch full of nervous excitement. While I did decide to get a major snip, a big part of me had also grown attached to my long hair. It has become my security blanket in a way. However, after meeting with Number76’s new Senior Stylist, Vennica, I knew I could let go of my trepidations because she understood my concerns and what I wanted. 

“She was patient and explained every step of the entire five-hour process. Because of the length of my hair, Vennica decided to cut a few inches off first before proceeding with the dye. After showing me a few swatches, I decided on Chestnut Brown based on her recommendation. 

“She also explained to me that because I had two tones of colour in my hair, she would dye my hair in parts to achieve a cohesive look at the end. While this process took longer, I appreciated how meticulous Vennica was. As a Japanese hair salon, Milbon is their hair dye product of choice. I did not experience any stinging sensation and there was no unpleasant ammonia smell so the whole hair colouring process was pleasant for me.

“Then came the final cutting portion. Vennica knew I was anxious about going too short (I had a bob once and never again) so she made sure to check with me every time she was going to shed some length. I appreciated this because it showed that she prioritised my feelings and that I was always calling the shots (bob cut stylist, I’m looking at you).”


The results

“I couldn’t be happier with my new hairdo! Looking at the mirror, I felt Vennica knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen. Even the anxiety about my shorter hair disappeared because all the damaged and dried ends were gone, and I felt instantly lighter (and cooler!). 

“Rather than flat and lifeless hair, my locks felt silky and smooth to the touch. There is also more texture and volume thanks to the layers Vennica paid extra attention to. When I met my friends for dinner that night, they all complimented how healthy my hair looked! I’m also happy with the Chestnut Brown colour Vennica recommended because it suits my complexion and gives me a more mature vibe. Definitely give Vennica’s service a try!”


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