How to: An unconventional ponytail twist for your date night


By Wei Yeen Loh

How to: An unconventional ponytail twist for your date night

NYFW AW19 has provided us plenty of beauty inspo that we can’t wait to try out—from soft, smoky eyes that smoulder to full-on glitter looks to channel your sassiness. All of which are perfectly appropriate for your date night out tonight as well (wink).

But if you’re looking for hairdos to complement said makeup, try this sophisticated ponytail that will add an edge to your overall look. Spotted backstage at Dion Lee AW19, the hairdo possesses cool yet refined veneer that you don’t often see with the usual ponytail ‘dos. Celebrity hairstylist Eugene Souleiman brings it up a notch with a slight twist in the back for an assertive look. Despite how simple it looks from the front, the back is worthy of a double take. “It’s not simple, it’s not quick, it’s not done in haste,” Eugene says. “It’s very refined and very specific in the techniques used.”

Want to rock this extraordinary hairdo for your date night tonight? Here’s how you can pull it off:

1. Ensure hair is thoroughly dry before starting. “The fact that the hair is supposed to look natural means that it is imperative that it does not look wet in any way,” says Eugene. Use GHD Airdryer to blow dry if necessary.

2. Split the hair into two sections—one at the top of the head, and one at the bottom.

3. Pull the lower section back into a low, slightly left of centre ponytail and spray it down with liberal amounts of hairspray to give it a tight appearance.

4. Use the GHD Platinum+ Styler to smooth the upper section of the hair. This helps to give the ponytail a sleek and tight appearance.

5. Use a fine tooth comb to pull back through the hair from the front to the off-centrepoint at the back of the head—where the two sections meet. The outcome is to look as though someone is running fingers through the hair.

6. Once both sections come together, secure the ponytail with an elastic band, then twist the length of the hair in an upward direction before pinning it to the head.

7. After the twist is complete, attach a diffuser on the hairdryer and blow dry the hair to soften it. Finish the look with a headband of your choice.

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