Meet the hair maestro behind GHD’s award-winning innovations

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By Phyll Wu

Meet the hair maestro behind GHD’s award-winning innovations

GHD’s Global Head of Education Dafydd Thomas gets into detail on keeping the brand at the forefront of innovation, his illustrious career as a well-accomplished hairdresser, and more.

If you’ve been keeping up with the beauty sphere on social media in recent years, you’ll know that the hair styling industry has been on a roll. Every month or two, there will be a new snazzy hair tool going immensely viral on TikTok, with everyone raging about its innovative technology and advanced features. In particular, cult-favourite hair styling brand Good Hair Day (GHD) has been at the top of its game in terms of innovation and development, thanks to none other than its Global Director of Education, Dafydd Thomas.

A long-time supporter and affiliate of the brand, Thomas joined GHD as a member of the art team back in 2013. Fast forward to 2023, the well-accomplished hairdresser is now using his extensive knowledge on his craft and the beauty realm to educate stylists from all over the globe, and create exciting new products with GHD’s Cambridge lab to ensure that the brand is at the forefront of radical innovation in the industry—and he has certainly done a spectacular job!

Recently, after hopping between multiple major cities in a thrilling adventure to share the new-fangled world of GHD to hair aficionados alike, Thomas touched down in Kuala Lumpur to enlighten us with an informative showcase of the brand’s very best. Following his entertaining presentation, we caught up with the hair maestro to learn more about the showcase, his illustrious career, his expert hair tips, and more.



Tell us more about the event! What’s the main objective of today’s showcase?



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“GHD is a brand that developed in the UK back in 2001, and it has come a really long way throughout these years. Now, we’re used in over 50,000 hair salons around the world, and we have over 250,000 hairdressers using our products on a daily basis. So today was really a showcase of GHD at its best, starring our most premium, multi-award-winning Platinum+ styler to create some beautiful, consumer-wearable hair.”



What’s it like to be the Global Director of Education for GHD?

“Amazing! I mean, the jetlag is awful, but it has truly been amazing. I’m a professional hairdresser, I’ve worked in salons for over 15 years, and GHD has been a part of my career since I started as a student. GHD was always the brand that I aspired to own, I would always want to have a GHD tool in my kit as a stylist. So when I look back at my journey now, from being a young hairdresser who loved GHD to becoming the brand’s Director of Education, it really is a dream come true. But there is also a great sense of responsibility because it’s such a famous and prestigious brand.”



As a veteran in the hair industry with an extensive range of experiences, what are some of the biggest highlights of your career?

“Winning the British Hairdressing Awards is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my career. It’s one of the most prestigious hairdressing awards in the UK, if not the world. I think a lot of people look to British hairdressing as the staple of the industry for inspiration and craftsmanship, so winning the award was really a big highlight for me. But honestly, as cheesy as it may sound—because I am working for GHD—I cannot express enough how much the brand means to me. It’s a brand that I’ve used all my life, and to be brought on board as the Director of Hair and Education for such a prestigious brand, it’s truly a special part of my career.”  


Drop your hair secrets! What are some of your holy grails from GHD that you can’t live without?



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“My GHD holy grail has to be our multi-award-winning Platinum+ styler. There really is nothing like it on the market. If I want a crest here, it gives it to me; if I want smooth, sleek hair on any hair types, it delivers that for me as well. It’s a tool that does many different things and does it at the very best standards—at GHD’s standards.”



Any underrated GHD products that you’d like to share?



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“My underrated hair hero of GHD has to be our GHD Rise Hot Brush. It has won many awards over the years, and it’s loved by both hairdressers and consumers around the world. For me, it’s probably my secret weapon when it comes to hair. Of course, the Platinum+ delivers perfect waves every time, but if I want to add a little bit of softness to the hair or create thicker waves, the GHD Rise Hot Brush delivers that. It’s what I use on my own hair as well.”


Finding the right hairstyle that suits us best can be a tricky thing. Do you have any advice for finding the perfect style?

“My biggest piece of advice is to trust your hairdresser. I know for a fact that many hairdressers, especially the ones in Malaysia, really do look after their clients. We’ll look at face shape, we’ll look at bone structure, and design a haircut around you. Another advice I would probably give is to keep it simple. If you’re looking for something new, don’t forget that you will need to style that haircut every single day. It might sound like a good idea to go for something short, funky, and choppy today, just think about what’s going to be the easiest to style when you need to get ready for work at 6am.”



Any words of wisdom to share for aspiring hairdressers?

“If you’re an aspiring hairdresser who really wants to make a name for yourself in the industry, my biggest advice is to create content on social media. Showcase your skill and talent at any given opportunity, but stay true to who you are. There is often a need to listen to other people too much, but it’s your creative passion, so listen to that voice inside you and do what you feel is right. Because at the end of the day, whether it’s the right or wrong decision, as long as it’s your decision, that’s what matters.”



How are you enjoying Malaysia so far?



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“Malaysia, so far, is hot—really hot! To be honest with you, I arrived late last night. I’ve been travelling a lot lately. In the past two weeks, I’ve been in LA, Las Vegas, London, Taipei, and Kaohsiung. But [Kuala Lumpur] has to be one of my favourite cities that have found a way into my heart in such a short time. The people are incredible here, and I think that’s what makes a city. We had an amazing seminar this morning with stylists, influencers, and makeup artists, and everybody was so engaging. The food is incredible here, and food is the way to my heart. It’s an amazing city and I cannot wait to come back and visit again, and hopefully spend more time here.”





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