Why you need a good night-time skincare routine

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By Gwen Ong

Why you need a good night-time skincare routine

Studies don’t lie and neither does the state of our skin. Experts had for years been preaching about the effects of a restful night and it’s about time we pay attention. According to a research by University of California-Irvine, our cells regenerate faster while we’re sleeping, hence a good night-time skincare routine is vital.

The theory is: When we lay down to rest our head for the day, our cells get to work in repairing the damages incurred from environmental pollutants and UV radiation. During this relaxing period, our blood vessels start to dilate, thus allowing an increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin for the healing process. While our cells do this naturally anyway with or without a skincare routine, think of it as an opportunity to feed your skin with all the good stuff so that you can wake up with a healthier glow.


To optimise cellular repair of the skin, keep these pointers in mind:


Start with a good cleanse

It’s the end of the day and you may feel a little lethargic but never neglect a proper wash. Your dull skin may not just be because you’re tired; it could also be due to build-up of dead skin cells, oil and dirt. It is recommended to double cleanse – first wipe the gunk away with a remover like micellar water then use a cleanser. You can also use a cleansing brush to gently exfoliate your skin in the shower to help lift the top layer of the skin.


Balance out with toning

This step is crucial in how effective your night-time skincare routine is. A toner functions to bring the skin’s surface pH back to normal; it helps by replenishing and nourishing the skin with what was stripped off during cleansing. A well-formulated toner also provides skin with vital hydrating ingredients to transform how skin looks and feels, leaving it ready for the next moisturising step.


Address your skin concerns

This is the best time to look into your skin concerns and focus on improving your skin condition. Choose a skin treatment to pump up the skin with antioxidants in your fight against UV and free-radical damage, or hydrate with a mask for improved barrier function, or use a serum to minimise pigmentation, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.


Lock in the moisture

By now, you should have two types of moisturisers – one for day and another for night. The former function to protect while the latter is to repair/nourish the skin. Most night cream is formulated with a heavier consistency to surge the skin with moisture while you rest; apply from the neck upwards. You may also want to seal in the added moisture with a lightweight facial oil to further hydrate the skin.


Don’t forget the eyes

The key to ace that ‘bright-eyed’ look in the morning is to incorporate eye pampering into your night-time beauty routine. Apply a cream or gel to the delicate area so it stays supple to help you maintain a youthful-appearance.



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