What to know about bridal beauty – a professional makeup artist tells all


By Gwen Ong

What to know about bridal beauty – a professional makeup artist tells all


It is one of the most important days of your life and of course, you would want everything to be perfect. And that includes your look from head to toe. Brides-to-be are notoriously known to be fussy, or perfectionist if you may, and every decision is taken with précised care. From wedding venues to the photographer and videographer, it can get a little overwhelming. Fret not! With a little insider knowledge, the wedding planning can be smooth sailing. Now, let’s focus on how to get your look on point. We speak to a professional makeup artist, Aivy Yong, who specialises in bridal beauty for some tips. She lets us in on what every bride needs to know about achieving the perfect look.


Hi Aivy. Can you take us through the process of bridal makeup from start to finish?

It starts with a consultation where the client will usually come to my studio for a trial session, before or after they’ve signed up with me. During the trial, we will discuss on what’s suitable for the bride in terms of day and night makeup as well as hairdo.

Communication is a must during the trial session so that I would know what are her preferences for her look on her big day. I will then advise what’s suitable for her. It’s a two-way street so we can achieve her desired outcome. Usually it takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to finish the entire look including change of gown and touch-up.



How important is a pre-trial makeup session?

It’s essential to come in for a trial so that the makeup artist knows your expectations on the looks. You will also get to see what is the outcome like on the wedding day. If you really can’t come in for a trial session, then communicate your wants, needs and Pinterest boards via emails or WhatsApp.



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What sets bridal makeup apart from daily makeup?

Bridal makeup is different because every single application and technique needs to be meticulous and detailed. This is to ensure the bride still looks natural and radiant without thick cakey foundation, long dramatic false lashes or the wrong eyeshadow, blush and lipcolour tone. Basically, we use long lasting cosmetic products to ensure the makeup last at least half a day.



What makeup trend is popular with brides?

Natural, glowy and radiant makeup – nothing too overly done!



What do you like to work with to create a bridal look?

I must say airbrush makeup is one of my favourite techniques. It gives amazing coverage to conceal imperfections, helps the foundation to stay on longer and helps to create a natural finish. Apart from that, I love using natural skin cosmetics that don’t contain much artificial scent. Japanese eyeliner and mascara are also a must-have for me!



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If a bride has sensitive skin, what would your recommendation be?

I will usually ask how severe is her skin sensitivity and what are the causes and reactions. I will then advise her to get her own set of skincare or cosmetics that is prescribed by her dermatologist. We will then do a trial session with the prescribed products. This is a must to see if any of the cosmetics cause a reaction to her skin.





What are some mistakes a bride-to-be usually make with regards to her skincare and beauty routine before her big day?

I’d say probably going for a facial treatment too near her wedding date. This is a risky move as pimples tend to pop up most of the time after the treatment or the extraction marks can be quite prominent and hard to conceal.

I also know some brides are advised not to wash her hair before the wedding day but I feel an oily scalp and limp hair is rather hard to style. So a hair wash is a must before the big day. I also do not advise to apply oily skincare and eye serum that will prevent makeup from setting well on the skin and eye area.



What are some dos and don’ts that you always tell your brides?

Do relax and go enjoy yourself before the big day. The sweet moments will pass by before you even know it.

Do stay calm on the day itself and leave the job to us and other vendors. Trust us, we’re here to help make it the best day of your life.

Don’t go for a facial treatment too near to the wedding date, as mentioned above. But do take good care of your skin and hydrate yourself.

Don’t use oily products on the face before we start – just keep it minimal and leave the rest to me.



What do you wish brides-to-be knew more about the perfect bridal look?

A bridal look should always be radiant, dewy and natural yet helps to emphasise your best features. Makeup is not merely about putting on colours onto the skin, but also correcting imperfections. Ideally this is done using minimal products yet the transformation looks amazing. This requires a lot of detailed work and many years of experience to achieve – so do be patient and trust us.


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