WATCH: One-brush makeup challenge in 5 minutes, featuring makeup artist Ummi Nasir


By Wei Yeen Loh

WATCH: One-brush makeup challenge in 5 minutes, featuring makeup artist Ummi Nasir

You don’t necessarily need an extensive collection of brushes to complete your makeup look—let makeup artist Ummi Nasir teach you the tricks of the trade in case you find yourself with only one makeup brush in your beauty bag (although, your fingers would come in handy just as well).


  • Using a bigger brush is way more useful than using a smaller brush
  • An angled brush is the most versatile brush—use the pointed end to apply shadow on the crease of your eyes and for the highlighter on your cheeks
  • You don’t necessarily need to smile as you apply blusher. Apply it from your apples of your cheeks outwards
  • For hooded eyelids or monolids, draw a cat-eye from the middle of your lash line and extend it outward. Drawing your entire lash line may give your eyes a smaller appearance
  • If you’re strapped for time, these are the basic essentials you need: skip eyeliner and apply eyeshadow on your crease, shimmer on your eyelids, a swipe of mascara,  bronzer (for definition) and a touch of highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones
  • Opt for warm browns instead of taupe greys/browns in your eyeshadow palette as you create your smokey eye—warmer tones are more flattering (and forgiving) on yellow undertones. Alternatively, use single-colour eyeshadows
  • For a Raya ready makeup look, go subtle with a hint of colour i.e. add blue eyeliner to a neutral eyeshadow colour
  • Add vitamin C to your routine for a much-needed glow
  • If you’re getting breakouts, skip foundation on concerned areas—leave it bare and let it recover before wearing layers of makeup

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