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Watch: 3 couples and a pair of besties star in our first unforgettable dance challenge


By Gwen Ong

Watch: 3 couples and a pair of besties star in our first unforgettable dance challenge


#BuroDanceOff: 3 couples, a pair of besties and one unforgettable dance challenge you won’t want to miss

Short announcement: What would you do for love?

Standfirst: So, what does the dance of love look like? We challenged our friends of Buro to lead the way and the result is both sweet and hilarious.

From romantic to platonic, love comes in all forms and is celebrated in all manners, as seen in our very first #BuroDanceOff featuring Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari, Vanessa Tevi and Ismael Ma, Maggy Wang and Joseph Lee, as well as best friends Daphne Charice and Brian See.

They were in for a sweet surprise as we challenged them to a ballroom dance choreography, specially created to celebrate the launch of the new Miss Dior EDT fragrance.

The challenge was simple: each couple was given 30 minutes to learn a range of dance steps and movements, led by a professional dancer, before performing their routine in front of our panel of ‘professional’ judges, who unbeknownst to them were a group of mini ballerinas! Emotions ran high as they put their skills to the test. And now, the moment of truth revealed in the video below:

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Scha Alyahya & Awal Ashaari

Who is the better dancer?

A: “Obviously not me! I don’t dance at all. I avoid anything to do with dancing.”

S: “This is actually the first time we’re dancing together. Can you believe it?”

How would you describe your other half?

A: “She’s usually the more focused one and she knows what she wants in life.”

S: “He’s usually the chilled one. He’s funny and can be silly too, so he always makes me laugh.”

Vanessa Tevi & Ismael Ma

Who is the more patient one in the relationship?

V: “I think we’re both pretty patient in the relationship, we’re always talking things through and if there’s something that is not right, we’ll work through it.”

Who is more bold or adventurous?

I: “I think she is more bold and willing to try new things or activities. She’s unafraid to jump into the unknown and have all these cool experiences.”

Maggy Wang & Joseph Lee

Who has to say ‘sorry’ first?

J: “Me?(Laughs). Ok seriously, it’s important for us to give and take in our relationship so if a simple ‘sorry’ can help keep the peace and build the trust, we’ll do it.”

What is the nicest thing that he has done for you?

M: “He threw a surprise birthday party for me and my girlfriends. Long story short, he planned the whole thing, got me to the restaurant and left. He just wanted me to have a nice time out alone with my girlfriends.”

Daphne Charice & Brian See

How did you first meet?

D: “Social media! We first started following each other and then we just hang out together all the time.”

B: “Yeah, as we hang out more then we realised that we ‘clicked’! We’re all pretty similar in many ways and share the same ideals.”

What is the one quality that you like about him or her?

D: “He is actually a really funny person. He always portrays this cool persona but he can be quite goofy.”

B: “(Laughs). Daphne is a genuine person. I admire that she’s not afraid to show her feelings when she’s happy or sad.”

A declaration of love

Regardless of which end of the love spectrum you’re at, Miss Dior EDT is a fragrance that celebrates love in every way. It is both delicate and bold with its notes of Grasse rose and may rose as well as blood and Mandarin orange, enveloped in fresh note of patchouli. A floral whirlwind, Miss Dior EDT oozes a modern, rebellious and elegant character that inspires adventure and encourages discovery so go on, ask yourself – what would you do for love?

The new Miss Dior EDT is priced at RM 349 (50ml) & RM490 (100ml) and it is now available at all Dior Beauty boutiques.


Photography: Gerald Goh/WalaWala Pictures

Videography: Shepherd Pictures

Art Direction: Chong Yi Suen, Terry Saw

Styling: Stephanie Boey

Hair: Juno Ko

Makeup: Cat Yong

Coordination: Gwen Ong

Location: Glam Hall, Mercu Mustapha Kamal


Wardrobe: Scha Alyahya in Khoon Hooi and Afiq M; Vanessa Tevi in Mimpikita; Ismael Ma, Brian See and Joseph Lee in Atelier Fitton; Daphne Charice in Melinda Looi; Maggy Wang in Maarimaia.

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