Two is all you need: Anti-ageing duos are the new skin saviours

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Two is all you need: Anti-ageing duos are the new skin saviours


Shiseido Wrinklelift Cream and Mask

Did you know that some women would rather smile more if wrinkles cease to exist with the movement of facial muscles? If you’re (unabashedly) one who’s part of that category, Shiseido’s new Wrinklelift Cream and Mask will guarantee a worry-free smile—all thanks to the brand’s brightening complex, 4MSK, along with antioxidants such as pure retinol and retinol ACE to rewind visible signs of ageing. The Wrinklelift Cream releases miniscule capsules filled with retinol upon contact with the skin, creating a veil that fits areas of the skin in tandem with changing facial expressions. The Wrinklelift Mask seals the deal with a polymer that enables the skin to become more resilient—need we say more?


Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Emulsion and Cream

For a more well-rested complexion, Philosophy’s new “ultimate miracle worker” range is all about protecting your skin by combining five efficient, naturally-derived ingredients with Vitamins C and E. The Multi-Rejuvenating Lightweight Emulsion is perfect for humid climates, while the Multi-Rejuvenating Cream SPF25 is the first all-in-one anti-ageing product that has full-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light. Visible light reflectors such as ruby powder and titanium-dioxide mica teemed with ingredients such as orange peel, green tea, and iris flower cells help to rebuild collagen and strength of the skin indefinitely.


Estelle & Thild Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil & Multi-Action Youth Serum

Ever heard of a bespoke anti-ageing cocktail that’s tailored to transform the first signs of ageing? Swedish organic skincare brand Estelle & Thild has rolled out its first duo that works perfectly well together on a cellular level to give you youthful, well-hydrated skin. The Biodefense Multi Nutrient Youth Oil and Multi Action Youth Serum have natural active ingredients include rose hip oil that’s high in antioxidants Vitamin E, C, and A to provide moisture and improve skin elasticity; blueberry extract to defend the skin against free radicals, and white tea that works to build the skin’s resistance against stresses that cause the skin to age.


Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil and Accelerated 

Want to really say that you “woke up like this” without the help of makeup? Biotherm’s new Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil brings a technology that fuses Algae of Youth and natural oils that mimic the skin’s lipid composition to deliver all the goodness deeper and faster; along with biometric reconstructing sea sugars help to boost the skin’s recovery speed for visibly younger skin. And for absolutely moisturised skin, the Blue Therapy Accelerated is one anti-ageing cream that doesn’t result in a greasy texture thanks to its melting point that’s close to the skin’s temperature—say hello to more elastic, youthful skin that’s firmer and ‘lifted’ every morning.

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