Tried and tested: Clarisonic Smart Profile

Deep cleansing made easy-breezy


By Wei Yeen Loh

Tried and tested: Clarisonic Smart Profile

If you thought that cleansing devices these days couldn’t get any “smarter”, Clarisonic Smart Profile is here to prove you wrong with its SMART technology, enhanced battery life and intuitive user interface. Before you cast doubts over the efficacy of this cleansing device, we took the liberty of reviewing the Smart Profile to find out how it fared:


Cai Mei Khoo, Editor in Chief:

I’ll admit that when it comes to my facial care routine, I’m a bit lax when it comes to cleansing. My skin is slightly sensitive and I’ve experienced tightness and redness after using certain cleansers that were evidently too harsh for my skin, which led me to using water to wash my face on most days (this is before I discovered micellar cleansing waters) and focus more on moisturising. Naturally, when I first heard of Clarisonic, it wasn’t something that appealed to me as I thought it would be too harsh for my skin.


I’ve been using the Clarisonic Smart Profile for a week now and I find that my skin is softer and more radiant-looking. More importantly, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, as I’d expected it to. Even better (for my skin), on days when I feel like skipping my cleansing routine, I remind myself that it only takes a minute with the Clarisonic brush.


Initially, though, I found the device a little tricky to use – I figured out the beeps only on my second use (you’re meant to cleanse your nose AND chin within the same time frame), and feel that the cleansing programme for the body (the Smart Profile knows what brush it’s got on) too short. I find myself having to rush through trying to brush my whole body before the next beep goes off (it’s 30 seconds of pulsating to lather up, 2 minutes of continuous cleansing, finished off with 30 seconds of pulsating massage). But it’s nothing a second cycle or using the device on manual mode can’t solve though, and for areas like the knees and elbows, the Turbo button allows for a more thorough cleanse. The Clarisonic Smart Profile is definitely something I’ll be adding to my beauty kit – I just need to buy a larger toiletry bag for my travels. 


Terry Saw, Contributing Beauty Editor:

One of my missions in life and as a Beauty Ed is to stress to no end, that there is a huge difference between washing and cleansing. And this ultra-smart device here my friends, is all about deep face and body cleansing (wipes tears of joy).


You see, I have long struggled with what countless therapists affectionately call the ‘strawberry nose’, which is a lot less cutesy than it sounds. This is the sugar-coated code for extremely clogged pores, dotted with stubborn black heads around the nose, which no facials nor the occasional deep cleanse treatment have managed to fix just yet.


After close to a fortnight of diligent use, yes, my complexion is visibly clearer but more importantly, my nose is looking less strawberry-like – pores have cleared up considerably, confidence soars – oh, the joy!


What I will say though, is that you’ll have to experiment. Play around with the device and figure out what works best for your skin. In recent years, the skin around my cheeks has started to thin due to – wait for it – ageing (sob). And the Smart Profile is really geared up to get in there and do the job, so while it’s intelligent enough to switch to a gentle cleansing mode, it might still come across a little strong. When this happens, I switch to manual mode and tone the gentle cleanse down to 10 seconds so there is no stretchy discomfort after.


Overall, I’d say it is a decent investment for long-term skin (and body) benefits; removes makeup 11 times better than just cleansing with your hands, gives you baby smooth elbows and heels (hello, turbo mode!), has impressive battery life and on top of everything, it reminds you when it’s time to replace the brush head – you couldn’t ask for a smarter brush if you tried.


Sarah Lian, Friend of Buro, actress, TV host, emcee:

I’m so glad I have the chance to review the Clarisonic Smart Profile. It is a smarter, easier and more powerful Clarisonic machine that includes brushes for both your face and body. I’m already the owner of the Clarisonic Mia 3 (also known as Aria) and it was very interesting to see what kind of upgrades I would see, so here’s my review:


1. Smart/Manual Modes: You can now customise your preferences and try out different speeds. If you have the older versions of the Clarisonic, having options is a big step up!


2. Body Brush: This is amazing because sometimes we neglect to pamper our bodies. It takes about 3 minutes including the foaming massage, full body cleanse and finishing massage. For the days that you’re looking for a spa day at home, this is probably going to be the most cost-effective method while giving you the best results.


3. Power: You can really feel the difference of the turbo speed which boasts 11x more effective cleansing than doing so with your hands.


4. Larger Handle: This Clarisonic is slightly longer than the Mia, which is a huge help when you’re attempting those hard to reach areas!


The battery lives for these Clarisonic brushes are amazing. I don’t feel like I have to charge them all the time and I get so many uses out of them before the battery reminds me to charge again. The Clarisonic Smart Profile is perfect for people on the go and yet those who prefer getting a thorough clean. I always notice how polished my skin looks when I use it religiously and now I can do the same for my body merely by popping in a new brush. The Smart Profile makes it super easy for anyone to use—you just have to press a button and you’re on your way to beautiful looking skin.

Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion and Beauty Writer:

I’ve always wanted to embark on a much-improved beauty routine, preferably one where I do not use facial wipes to wipe down makeup off my entire face during lazy days. I admit that I had reservations about Clarisonic because I always thought that it’d be geared more for beauty junkies and those who really care about their skin. But a fortnight later, I realise that it’s super easy to get hooked on a device that does your cleansing and makeup removal for you.


Before using the Clarisonic Smart Profile, I’ve learnt that it’s integral to read the instructions manual to really get into this routine. You don’t want to be pondering what on earth did that second ‘beep’ meant and why the cleansing speed has slowed down. I love that the device offers a “Turbo” setting—it provides an extra-strength boost of cleansing to areas of my skin that are more clogged, along with its Turbo Body Brush Head to scrub out and massage my body on days that I need winding down.


I’ve noticed that my skin doesn’t get ostensibly dry with that tight feeling that usually results after cleansing (no thanks to those facial wipes as well), along with a decrease in stubborn breakouts that ocassionally appear on my forehead. Having an improved beauty routine and great skin is really just a button away with Clarisonic Smart Profile, especially so for the passive masses (like me).

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