Trending: Face embellishment is the new pastel hair at Coachella 2019


By Wei Yeen Loh

Trending: Face embellishment is the new pastel hair at Coachella 2019

When it comes to the latest (and most out-of-this-world) beauty trends, Coachella is the one place in the world that has zero limits and boundaries—everything and anything goes. From space buns to glitter-fied body parts—in place of an actual bra, for some—the festival folk took on a “no holds barred” approach with their Insta-worthy looks.

But what grabbed our attention this year is the onslaught of face embellishments. While not a new trend (2018’s popular go-to were mermaid-inspired stick-ons jewels), the bling has been updated this year with star motifs coupled with a dash of glitter for that galactic-chic aesthetic, circular rhinestones artfully decorated along the features for a “contoured” visage, subtle metallic speckles, and a throwback tribute to ’70s with flower power temporary tattoos.

If last weekend’s beauty shenanigans were anything to go by, celebs and social media influencers alike will likely pull out all the stops this closing weekend of Coachella 2019. Below, the most head-turning beauty looks featuring a dazzling array of face jewellery:

Aimee Song



Jenn Im



Pony Makeup



Julie Sariñana



Jadene Munson



Drea Léon



Helen Owen



Yovanna Ventura



Riley Taylor



Eva Gutowski



Weylie Hoang



Chelsea Henriquez



Alanna Durkovich



Thylane Blondeau



Vanessa Hudgens



Brian Havarie




Helena Coelho






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