This new makeup line is expected to sell out within five minutes tomorrow

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By Terry Saw

This new makeup line is expected to sell out within five minutes tomorrow

But of course, the Kardashians strike again. Just when you think they’ve exhausted their options for making money they will perhaps not need for the next 10 generations, Kim breaks the news about @kkwbeauty on Instagram last week and the rest (online frenzy and that blackface controversy) is history. After all, subtlety is the last thing you should expect from the original Queen of contouring – here’s what we know so far about her beauty line that drops tomorrow:

KKW Beauty is expected to make $14.4 million (approximately RM62 million) in lesser time than it’ll take for you to make your morning coffee tomorrow – five minutes to be exact. What do we think? Shut.The.Front.Door. That’s what we’re thinking.

What about the other makeup mogul in the family, you ask. In an interview with WWD, Kim assures there will be no conflict there as KKW Beauty speaks to a more matured audience, like herself, whereas 19-year old Kylie’s beauty line sits perfectly with the Gen-Z fans (read: more moolah for the Kardashian-Jenner empire).

Kim’s first KKW Beauty releases will be complexion-focused Crème Contour and Highlight Kits in her favourite nudes and neutrals – we have to say we’re quite taken by the minimalist, blush pink packaging designs already.

Finally, KKW Beauty launches tomorrow. As with the unimaginable success of most Kardashian-Jenner ventures especially Kim’s, we’ll likely be sitting this first launch out and just enjoy the online beauty banter and drama that will likely ensue (oh, the anticipation, the mouse-clicking madness, the disappointment of products running out in just minutes and of course, the series of flatlays, posts and debates that will follow on social media) – popcorn at the ready!

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