The secret science behind Song Hye-Kyo’s kissable pout

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The secret science behind Song Hye-Kyo’s kissable pout

Korean beauty powerhouse, Laneige has recently unveiled the Silk Intense Lipstick collection, which boasts of an expansive and expandable spectrum of colours. 30 physical products seamlessly transform into 90 different shades with the help of two innovative surprises.


But as any cosmetic connoisseur understands, there is more to the hallmarks of ‘kissability’ than a gamut of striking colours. Take popular K-drama actress and Laneige’s brand ambassador, Song Hye-Kyo’s enviable pout for instance; the precise hue of a lipstick plays only a partial role in the overall appearance.


The attraction here lies in the captivating intensity of the colour, the defined three-dimensional shape of her lips, and the lustrous finish that seals the deal.



Well aware of the intricacies that constitute an excellent lip product, Laneige has incorporated cutting edge science and technology into their latest, reformulated Silk Intense range; hence, making a kissable pout like that of Song Hye-Kyo’s a serious attainable reality for all.


Three components lie at the core of rich shades and silky texture of the Laneige Silk Intense range:

1. A little extra “Ump-h”

By “Ump-h”, we actually mean Ultra Micronised Pigment (UMP). Straight from the forefront of advancement, UMP technology utilises pigment particles that are substantially downsized from the scale of regular pigments. This ensures the colourant is densely-packed to achieve an increase in colour intensity. For the slightly more fastidious amongst us, the colour is said to be 20% more vivid with just one application.


2. White space

As white space provides dimension to a good photography, Multi-Layered White (MLV) technology creates a multi-layered structure that allows for varied light reflection at different angles. Without getting too technical, lips will look more luscious while enhanced with a 3D effect as the light hits. Forget dull, flat looking puckers—the MLV tech also boosts the brightness of the shade.


3. Silken semblances

Mirroring the composition of luxury fabrics such as silk and velvet, a raw material called Branched Copolymer gives the Laneige Silk Intense lipsticks its undeniably soft, fabric-like texture. The structure of the polymer contributes to the richness of the formula and helps it adhere luxuriously to the lips. The high moisture content and colour consistency also means comfortable wear and lush lips throughout the day.




Test out the full range of Laneige Silk Intense Lipsticks (RM85 each) for yourself at Laneige beauty counters and boutiques nationwide from March 2017 onwards. Discover all 30 colours here and find out more at


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