The new beauty invention by Clé de Peau you need to know about

Radiance, achieved


By Terry Saw

The new beauty invention by Clé de Peau you need to know about

If you’re a stranger to the Clé de Peau Soin de Beauté Intensive Facial experience, you’re in for a little me-time treat. Exclusive to new and existing Clé de Peau members only, this luxurious 60-minute ritual is a complimentary experience for those seeking a well-deserved pick-me-up for the skin.

The deluxe 7-step treatment flow features a lineup of ultra-conditioning Clé de Peau star skincare picks (our favourite is the Intensive Brightening Mask, RM84.80 per sheet) complemented by relaxing face massages in the skillful hands of a professional beauty therapist, designed to effectively replenish moisture to the skin for an instantly renewed complexion – basically what every woman wants – and that’s just what’s been good about it all along.

The actual secret this time around, lies in the unveiling of the brand new Handy Skin Sensor (HSS); a nifty device that has just officially elevated the entire facial experience. With the intelligence to break down individual skin concerns for the most targeted results, the HSS provides an in-depth skin analysis step, which is now included prior to each facial session to help you discover otherwise unknown facts about your skin:  

Skin Texture

The moisture level of your skin is measured against the ideal level to compute your skin texture’s age. This is a lot less scary than it sounds – think of it as a means to find the right conditioning product for your skin.


Melanin Levels

The HSS gives you a snapshot of the dark spots situation on and under your skin, so you’ll know what you’re up against, and how to tackle future hyperpigmentation issues.


Skin Tone

The skin tones of your cheek and neck areas are measured to also help you select the perfect foundation shade for your skin sans any dreaded two-tone nightmares.


Measures Radiance

Unique to Clé de Peau, the HSS is also smart enough to measure your skin’s radiance (yes, radiance!) by computing an average based on your skin tone, texture and contour results to better understand your skin condition as well as single out solutions to help you achieve your ideal skin goals.  


What this means for you…

A better understanding of your skin’s performance will help Clé de Peau Beauty Specialists come up with targeted solutions based on results from the HSS as well as your priorities, and prepare a customised treatment plan accordingly that works for you

Heads up, a minimum spend of RM800 and above on Clé de Peau products also includes instant member access, which allows you to enjoy this exclusive pampering treat, valued at RM450.  

The complimentary Clé de Peau Soin de Beauté Intensive Facial service also includes a makeover or light touch up at the end of the treatment. Available exclusively at all Clé de Peau counters by appointment only. 

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