The must-haves on our beauty shelves – La Mer Skincolor

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By Gwen Ong

The must-haves on our beauty shelves – La Mer Skincolor

In the game of makeup, you’re off to a winning start when you get the base right. That is why we’re elevating the latest La Mer Skincolor de la Mer collection to the top of our beauty shelves.

This collection features a full range of colour cosmetics that includes the Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, the Concealer and the Powder, as well as foundation and powder brushes. “It is the power of three. We have three products, three tools and three looks,” said La Mer’s Regional Cabine Manager, Cecilia Tay. In case you’re counting, the other tool is the shade finder where you’re matched to the right foundation colour for your skin tone.

Cecilia shared that the uniqueness of this collection’s star product – the foundation – is in the ingredients. The Renegerating Ferment has anti-ageing properties while the Soft Velvet Ferment functions to provide good texture of the skin so you have a velvety finish upon application. The Miracle Broth then works to energise, promote healing and protect the skin at the same time.

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Together with its innovative Color Capsule Technology, you’re assured of a healthy, flawless luminosity that looks au naturel. “You can mix your skincare in the foundation to create the different looks,” explained Cecilia. The three looks that she speaks of are the soft matte, glowing radiance and natural beauty finishes. 

Of course, the key to the perfect finish lies in the condition of your skin. “Healthy skin is one that is well-hydrated with a rosy glow from within and an even skin tone,” said Cecilia. Our skincare plays a crucial role to get a radiant complexion. “If your skin is dry and flaky, you’re not going to have the desired effect or look when you put on the foundation.”

To see the results of a good skincare routine, it will take approximately 30 days but with the foundation, you can see instant ratification. Our ‘tried and tested’ with the La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation has got us amazed with its lasting coverage and nourishing treatment. This wins in our books!


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