The KVD Beauty’s Artistry Collective gets candid about boss girl, Kat Von D

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By Gwen Ong

The KVD Beauty’s Artistry Collective gets candid about boss girl, Kat Von D

It was only a year ago that we got up close to Kat Von D to talk about her makeup line and since then, the beauty maven has been busy, releasing many more cult favourites. She has even formed an official creative team dubbed the ‘Artistry Collective’. The professionals – Leah Carmichael, Tara Buenrostro, Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick and Stefanie Strazzere were each handpicked (with the help of Instagram) by Kat Von D herself to head the Artistry Collective and represent the brand. Needless to say, they blew her away with their mad makeup skills.

From the everyday to the avant-garde, the creatives come from a diverse background with different skill sets but they all share a common interest with a deep love for makeup. Three of the team members were in Singapore recently on a mission to share their skills and knowledge. Buro 24/7 Malaysia talks to Leah, Tara and Kelseyanna about their Artistry Collective experience so far and what working with Kat Von D is really like.


What is the coolest part about being in the Artistry Collective?

Leah: The coolest part is that I get to travel the world with my three best friends and teach people about the brand. The most special moment is the ‘aha!’ moment when I show someone a certain shade or technique. To watch them fall in love with KVD is a feeling I just can’t explain and I am so grateful I get to share that moment with the girls.


Tara: For me, it’s having the opportunity to make a difference all around the world and to inspire people through creativity. And the opportunity to travel with artists I admire and work for someone I have admired for so many years is a dream come true.


Kelsey: It’s pretty cool travelling the world and sharing the brand I love so much with people everywhere and with people who are so excited to try it. Getting to travel with my three best friends and artists who inspire me and always have my back. Getting to show people that it’s ok to be yourself and it can take you far.


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How has your life changed since becoming part of the Artistry Collective?

Leah: Everything about my life has changed! I get to wake up everyday and create whatever crazy look is floating around in my head to post and share with the world with no restrictions or rules. My favourite part comes after the post, it’s communicating on a personal level with my fellow Instagrammers. To inspire young girls and boys to keep pushing to do what they love and getting the chance to see what they are creating.


Tara: Being able to do what I love on a much larger platform and having the opportunity to travel the world. I love education and teaching and the connection it makes between the world and the brand, and I get to do that all around the world.


Kelsey: I am humbled by the fact that people will approach me on the street and want to connect. It’s an honour to get to share a moment together with them and connect over art. It’s cool to me there are so many people who appreciate being an individual and celebrating individuality. Plus, meeting so many artists all over the world and being a part of the brand gives me passion with a purpose. My life changed with the opportunity to meet new people and for someone who is, somewhat, of an introvert that is pretty cool.



So, what’s it like working with Kat Von D? How is she like as a lady boss?

Leah: Where do I start? Kat has shown me that there are enough hours in the day to change the world. She is a full time animal activist, shoe designer, musician, tattooer and cat mum. Oh, and she runs a makeup empire! She really changed the way I look at the world and myself. I am now 100% aware of the chemicals and cruelty that go into making makeup products. I admire her so much for creating such a pure brand that not only doesn’t test on animals (it gets tested on our beloved KVD herself) but is raising awareness around the world.


Tara: She is a super inspirational human being in general. She does it all! She is a bad**s rock and roll tattoo artist but at the same time an incredibly compassionate animal activist who plays piano and writes poetry. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having the opportunity to spend time with Kat and the opportunity to work for the brand. Having a boss and friend that stands for everything I believe in is truly amazing.


Kelsey: I personally fell in love with Kat’s passion and compassion for others. We have connected so much over art, I admire her love of art and she changed my life and inspired me to become vegan. I love the brand because it stands for everything I believe in and I feel so proud to be a part of the Kat Von D Beauty family.



What are you most excited for Kat Von D Beauty next?

Leah: Lots of amazing things coming in the near future that will excite everyone that we can’t wait to share with you. So stay tuned!



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