The Customised Facial That Instantly Transforms Your Skin

Using the healing powers of the sea


By Terry Saw

The Customised Facial That Instantly Transforms Your Skin

Anything that isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ has a way of making you feel a little extra special from the start. That is precisely what’s nice about the La Mer Cabine Treatments; while all facials feature the unique healing energies of the precious La Mer Miracle Broth, each facial is customised to your specific needs, and more importantly, they honour the very essence of the word ‘pampering’, which means no one gets rushed, the treatment is completed to perfection and your skin gets the best out of the session – everyone goes home happy.

After a thorough skin analysis, I was recommended the Renewal Personalised Treatment Sequence focusing on deep hydration and skin rejuvenation, and a special treat for the eyes. Speaking of treats, a total of 22 La Mer products were used throughout the 75-minute facial for what my skin calls a surprise party! Here, some highlights of my experience:

1. The Renewal Sequence Massage

A rejuvenating facial massage using the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream just after my skin was thoroughly cleansed was a treat for the senses. If you’re a fan of massages, you’ll enjoy this step – it’s 100 per cent massages using the hands only. Mine was based on the traditional Shiatsu massage method to stimulate and harmonise the senses where subtle energy circulates.

Try: The Moisturizing Soft Cream, RM625 for 30ml

2. The Arms & Hand Sculpting Massage

I was also treated to a super-relaxing massage to relax my tight muscle joints, while a mask of Crème de La Mer worked its magic on my fatigued skin for deep hydration.

Try: Crème de La Mer, RM625 for 30ml

3. The Eye Massages

Victory is when I could feel all signs of fatigue and traces of dark eye circles being reluctantly smoothed away! Using an applicator, the Eye Concentrate and Balm Intense were layered and massaged into the skin around my eye area, followed by an Illuminating Eye Gel to reduce puffiness.

Try: The Eye Concentrate, RM742

Because my skin was in such a fatigued state when I arrived, I could really see the post-facial results – my skin was visibly plumper, a lot more radiant, and those sneaky lines around the eye area have been nicely ironed out (oh, how I wish forever!)

My skin was glowing for the rest of the day and was well hydrated into the next day, which was quite rare for me – so if you’re looking for a boost for your skin just before a special occasion, or ‘just because’ – which honestly I think is the best reason of all – this would be your best bet!  

La Mer Custom Services, RM349 for 75 minutes, is available exclusively at La Mer, Metrojaya Mid Valley by appointment only. T: +603 – 2284 1170 

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