Bulgari Omnia Paraiba: Where gemstones and fragrance meet

A fitting allegory


By Wei Yeen Loh

Bulgari Omnia Paraiba: Where gemstones and fragrance meet

It isn’t unusual to find fragrances inspired by gemstones, but this season, Bulgari traipsed to the four corners of the world in search of exquisite gemstones as inspiration for its latest fragrance, the Omnia Paraiba. As its name denotes, Bulgari looked to the mysterious beauty of tourmaline found in Brazil as a symbol for Omnia Paraiba. The appeal in tourmaline is that it echoes the hues of a rainbow, from pink to blue and green to black, but the dazzling blue-green shade of the Paraiba tourmaline is one fitting allegory that’s synonymous with the joie de vivre theme of the brand’s latest fragrance.

Taking all facets of Brazil along the fragrance journey, Bulgari infuses the wild essence of tropical flora into the Omnia Paraiba with a variety of exotic ingredients. The scent opens with fresh citrus head notes including the Curaçao Bigarade Orange and Maracuja passion fruit, and the flamboyant nature of Omnia Paraiba unveils through its heart notes-the fruity floral Passion Flower and creamy Gardenia from Brazil. With a dash of heat, the base notes reveal a sensual woody element via Cocoa Beans and Vetiver Essence.


The sculptural bottle of Omnia Paraiba is actually inspired by the symbol of infinity. A series of infinite curves can be found universally, from the curves of the mountains in Brazil to the course of its rivers and the waves of the sea, and a similar series can be found on the Omnia Paraiba as well, echoing the dunes of the Northeast and the serpentine mosaics of the Copacabana promenade. 


Bulgari Omnia Paraiba is now available at all Bulgari fragrance counters nationwide


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